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Top tips to stop hurting your hair

Last week we took a look at a few of the t0-dos a gal should embrace when it comes to growing out a mass of enviable, long locks — a diet rich in protein, go light on harsh heat styling, tugging and over-washing, and embrace the stimulating wonders of a  good scalp massage — but there are other dangers lurking in the wings, waiting to foil your attempts at healthy beautiful hair.  Let’s peek into a few sneaky reasons why your hair might not be getting any healthier and what you can do to remedy the situation.

Let’s start at your cosmetics cabinet. There is one thing that might be missing from your mass of styling products — something that could help save your hair from your over dependence on your blow-dryer: protection. Your hair needs protection from heat styling tools that same way that your skin (and your hair) needs protection from the sun, and a good thermal protection spray can do the trick. A simple all-over spritz will create a protective seal between your hair cuticle and your blow dryer, curling iron or straightener.

And speaking of “protection,” let’s talk about your birth control pill. *What?! I know. Stay with me here. Hormones play a big part in hair shedding and thinning, and a common birth control ingredient in your daily dose called androgen can cause hair loss in some gals. Check with your doctor if you notice an overabundance of errant hairs on the bathroom floor and see if your birth control could be a main culprit.

Sadly, our next offense is one counter to logic. Your hair is dry… so you add moisture, right? Wrong. That pesky adage “too much of a good thing…” rings true when it comes to dousing your hair with silicone based (read: shine) conditioners, that can leave your hair looking dull and stringy due to build-up. Enlisting the help of a weekly suds with a clarifying shampoo or relying on silicone-free conditioners are a great way to avoid “over-moisturizing.”

This implies our final tip: READ THE INGREDIENT LIST ON YOUR PRODUCTS. *Ugh. Beauty product packaging is chock full of promises, but there’s usually more they’re not telling you. Products with ingredients like alcohol and sodium laurel sulfate are drying and if they’re listed on the front end of the list, this should be reason for concern. Buyer beware.

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Tuesday’s Tips: Harmless Hair Hacks

With the endless array of products, tools and technique available, when it comes to having the hair of your dreams, the world is essentially your oyster. Until it’s not. Harsh heat styling, product overload, and tugging and pulling is a direct recipe for damaging your hair, so in the spirit of DIY, we’ve found several harmless hair hacks to help reduce the stress on your strands and still get the style your looking for.

1. Let’s start with a favorite at-home way to revive less-than-lustrous locks: coconut oil. Coconut oil is not only a great stand-in for cooking oil, but slathered on your hair can be a miraculously moisturizing hair mask. Simply slather it on in lieu of your regular conditioner, wrap your hair in a warm towel and let it do it’s magic.

2. Looking to create volume and still avoid the pitfalls of damaging heated curling irons, rollers, and blowdryers? Simply mist your hair with water, roll sections into velcro rollers, and allow to dry completely before releasing.

3. Beachy waves are a go-to look for summer, but sheer amount of product sometimes used to create the look can border on the extreme. A quick way to add texture is to create a few random braids to dry hair, then give use a blow-dryer on them for a few minutes. Upon releasing the braids, you’ll have your beachy texture, without product residue or an excessive amount of heat styling.

4. If static is making a mockery of your perfectly placed coif, try running a dryer sheet over your hair to combat flyways.

5. Your over-the-eye fringe is just as important as the hair on your head, and can be just as unruly too. If you’re low on eyebrow gel, give your eyebrows some lip service by applying a small amount of lip balm then brushing the hairs into place.

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