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Banana Republic Announced A Third Mad Men Collection

Are you tired of “Mad Men” yet? Neither are we.

And it seems neither is Banana Republic, who have announced their intention to collaborate with AMC on yet another “Mad Men” clothing collection for spring 2013. This third 50-piece “Mad Men” capsule will hit stores on March 1 and is set to range in price from $44.50 to $375 — all inspired by the evolution of styles favored by Don Draper’s second wife Megan.

“Our inspiration was Megan, Don’s wife,” said MM’s costume designer and BR’s collaborator Janie Bryant. “Megan represents the young and modern. She really represents a changing of the times.”

Banana Republic creative director Simon Kneen seconded that notion by saying, “Obviously, Megan’s influence in the series, and her character is fabulous. She takes risks and is a little bit more in the know in terms of fashion.” Kneen then added that he’ll never tire of collaborating with Mad Men and Bryant, “Janie looks at what people were wearing at the time. It’s certainly not costume. It’s real clothes for today.” Does that mean that there is a fourth and fifth Mad Men collection in the works? We shall see.

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