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How to wear fall’s vampy lipstick trend

Fall’s lipstick palette is taking a darker turn, away from the corals, nudes and pinks of summer to an gorgeous array of wine stains, plums, berries and purples. Along with this decidedly dramatic turn, comes the conundrum that accompanies it: How to apply and wear a vampish pucker that will stay exactly where you put it.

First and foremost, be sure your canvas (aka. your lips) is exfoliated and moisturized. A great DIY exfoliator is to mix equal parts sugar and honey and then gently scrub your lips with the mixture and a toothbrush to remove any dry, dead skin. Moisturize your lips with a thin coat of lip balm prior to putting on your makeup and then when you’re ready for lipstick, gently wipe off any excess.

A good color foundation is essential for making your dark lipstick stay put, so start by lining the outer edges of your lip with a lip liner that matches your intended lipstick. Proceed by filling in the rest of your lips with the same liner to create a base for your chosen shade to stick to.

Using a lip brush to apply your lipstick will help keep any lipstick from straying into the small crevasses around your lips. Simply dip the brush into your lipstick and then apply to the entire lip surface. Blotting excess color off of your lips will keep the look more chic than clownish and will also help the color infuse itself into your lips. Now go back and apply a second coat.

And finally, take a small angled brush and trace the outer edges of the lip with concealer. This will help correct any mistakes and will ensure that your lipstick looks clean, classic and perfect for fall ’14.


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