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L’Oreal welcomes Karlie Kloss into its fold

Not a newbie to the beauty contract scene — she is a Victoria’s Secret Angel after all — supermodel Karlie Kloss has added another notch to her career bedpost, this time as one of the faces of L’Oreal. Joining the illustrious ranks of actresses Zoe Saldana, Blake Lively and Eva Longoria, Kloss is bringing her unique brand of classic beauty meets strength to representing the iconic beauty brand.

“It’s a dream,” Karlie recently told Style.com. “I’ve had the privilege of working for the past seven years, and if I’m totally honest, toward this. On my list, I had a number of things, but, I had L’Oréal, American Vogue, and Victoria’s Secret.”

It looks like it’s time to add a few more to Kloss’ bucket list, but she may be hard pressed — her enormous list of credits include appearing in adverts for such industry giants as: Dolce & GabbanaJean Paul GaultierDonna KaranChloéAlexander McQueen and Yves Saint Laurent, she’s the face of Marc Jacobs fragrance Lola, and she’s opened and closed more runway shows than even she can list. A big congrats on your newest conquest Karlie — keep on over-achievin’!

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Must Have: Sunscreen Oils

Most of us will shudder at the thought of slathering ourselves with oil and baking in the sun, but sunscreen oils are burning up (no pun intended) summer ’14′s SPF market, and here’s why.

Much like face oils unlikely popularity, the cosmetics industry has become infatuated with the idea of tapping the powers of essential oils to protect the skin from the suns damaging rays. By mixing essential oils with other powerful ingredients, beauty brands are creating what might be likened to a super product — organic, all natural SPF.

Natural sunscreen oils that once mustered up a scant SPF 4 or 6 are now offering a standard SPF 30 and beyond, which means you can say goodbye to white streaks, missed spots, and oily, sticky sunscreen lotions. Instead, your skin gets the ultra-flattering luminous glow promised by oil products, with the protection essential to sheltering you from the sun’s harsh UVB and UVA rays. With a slew of internet make your own sunscreen how-tos and companies like L’Oreal, Vichy, La Roche Posay and Clarins doling out their own versions of oil SPF’s, you won’t have trouble finding one that suits you just right.



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L’Oreal Taps Blake Lively As Newest Celeb Face

Blake Lively is managing to maintain her It-girl status without the help of Gossip Girl — thank you very much — wracking up another cosmetics spokesmodel gig to accompany her year-long stint as the face of Gucci’s Premiere fragrance.  It seems the actress (aka. Mrs. Ryan Reynolds) will be joining the ranks of such famous faces as Julianne Moore, Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez as L’Oreal Paris’ newest celeb spokemodel.

“It’s an honor to join such a prestigious brand–and such an impressive family of ambassadors [who] are not just beautiful women, they are women of character, not to [mention] power,” Lively was recently quoted in Vogue Paris. “They sing, act in major films, and make their voices heard. It’s magical for me to be able to say that I’m a member of the same club.”

And it seems the 26-year old beauty is also a real-life fan of the beloved makeup brand, with Lively claiming that her favorite L’Oreal product is Color Riche Extraordinaire lip color — of course that won’t be available to us non-celeb types until sometime in 2014.

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Must Have: Monday’s Magic Top Coat

There are certain Monday’s when it’s just harder to sit down at a keyboard — am I right?  And today’s Must-have just might be the magical cure.

L’Oreal has released a new The Magic Top Coat collection guaranteed to keep your fingers clicking over the keys if simply to admire your quick-change manicure’s new look.  The collection includes five shades that act as a special effect over whatever lacquer color you already have on, including a chic Matte Velvet, The True Gold that adds a layer of gold dust, The True Diamond that adds a layer of silver, a little confetti-like black glitter called The Spaklicious, and a pinky clear called The Shift Me that adds a pretty pearlescent hue.

There’s no need to bother with a start-from-scratch manicure to switch up your fingertips for Monday’s slog when a simple top-coat will do! L’Oreal’s The Magic Top Coat Collection ($6, each) is available now.

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Trends: Summer’s Delicious Pistachio Mani-Pedis

Remember when greige (grey-meets-beige), nude, and black stormed the mani-pedis of the runways and red-carpets?  Well there’s a new hue in town, and if we can judge from the flurry of lacquer labels offering up their take, pistachio is the way to go for spring/summer 2013.

Less obvious than spring’s bright neon polishes, pistachio’s softer green hue is still an eye-catcher.  Here are a few of our favorite variations of spring/summer’s pistachio offerings:

Mac Baking Beauties 2013 Collection "Pistachio Crème"

Essie's Naughty Nautical 2013 Summer Collection "The More The Merrier"

L'Oreal 2013 Versailles Romance Collection "Pistachio Dream"

Crabtree and Evelyn Spring 2013 Nail Polish "Pistachio"

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L’Oreal USA Launches For Girls In Science


Cosmetics giant L’Oreal recently launched a new online platform that’s full of girl power and lots of play for nerd girls. Featuring everything from videos of women scientists on the job, career opportunities in S.T.E.M. fields, summer and weekend training camps for rising stars and more, the site’s mission is to serve up science, technology, engineering and math in a way that is engaging, interactive and equally cool.

“At L’Oreal USA, we are all about science,” said Rebecca Caruso , EVP, Corporate Communications and External Affairs in a press release.  “Ours is a company that is heavily committed to science.  It’s part of our DNA and, we know that it can turn the impossible into the possible a dream into reality, and reinvent the future.  We also know the depressing statistics about women in science and have been working to change them, first through our For Women In Science program and now through For Girls In Science. We are on the cusp of making science come alive for young girls in a compelling and relevant way.”

The goal of the For Girls In Science website is to foster a much-needed community for young girls to see scientists that they want to emulate, to learn about careers that may interest them, to help them explore and connect with others with similar interests in science, technology, engineering and math.

Bravo L’Oreal for leading the way!


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‘L’Oreal USA Hairdressers Against AIDS’ To Initiate One Million Conversations About HIV Testing

hair dressers against aids

Hair dressers around the country are going to be giving you a little more than just beauty advice from now on. In addition to your blow out and tips for great hair, they’ll also be encouraging you to get tested.

L’Oreal USA’s Hairdressers Against AIDS announced today a new goal to start one million conversations about HIV testing in 2013.  Apparently there are over 1.2 million people living with HIV in the U.S. and 1 in 5 people don’t even know they have it. Wrap it up ALWAYS beauties!

Hairdressers Against AIDS, an advocacy program, mobilizes hairdressers and salon professionals to use their voice to educate their clients about HIV/AIDS and help stop the spread.

“Through the special bond between client and artists, hairdressers have the unique opportunity to help save lives by starting conversations,” said Christine Schuster, SVP of Education for L’Oreal Professional Products and the Chair of Hairdressers Against AIDS USA in a statement. “This year we are focusing on empowering and educating the millions of people hairdressers reach, to know their HIV status by getting tested and encouraging others to do so as well.”

Within the next year, L’Oreal will be training over 500,000 hair stylists in their professional salon division on HIV awareness and testing to forward the message to their clients. In addition, Hairdressers Against AIDS will bring their message to over 550 Salon Centric locations, reaching salon professionals across the country both in-store and through regional shows, hands-on classes, and in-salon workshops.

Once again, beauty is saving lives. Do you know your status?

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L’Oreal to Acquire Urban Decay


Beauty giant L’Oreal has finally sank their perfectly polished paws into another makeup line announcing the purchase of makeup brand Urban Decay. We’ve been all over their NAKED palate for years and smized the moment their bold colors and vegan-friendly line hit the shelves at Sephora.

The purchase is part of L’Oreal’s plan to tap into the edgy, fashion-forward and young customer base who represents the new wave of beauty purchases.

“Urban Decay will beautifully complement L’Oreal’s luxe portfolio of iconic brands,” Nicolas Hieronimus, president of L’Oreal Luxe, said in a statement. He described Urban Decay as “the makeup specialist we need to fully satisfy young women in search of playful colors … at an accessible price point.”

The undisclosed amount for the brand’s purchase will remain a mystery. Let’s just hope that this new purchase continues to expand the Urban Decay line in positive ways. We’ll be in the line ready to cash in our Sephora points for whatever the line has to offer next.

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L’Oréal Set To Release A Revitalist Triple Threat Collection

Revitalift Triple Power Moisturizer

Like most of you out there, I’m a sucker for new products: moisturizers, eye creams, sunscreens. You name it. I’ll try it. Which is why beauty brand L’Oréal Paris’ just-in-time-for-summer launch of its Revitalift Triple Power collection has me doing cartwheels.

Revitalift Power Eye

This much anticipated new product line’s big premise is three-dimensional skin repair — which sounds good to us, but what does that mean exactly? According to WWD, it means that the anti-aging collection is designed to help fight the visible signs of aging by addressing three dimensions: wrinkles, loss of facial volume and loss of firmness. The products deliver intensive results through an ingredient called Pro-Xylane — a 100% naturally derived, biodegradable molecule that is extracted from the beech wood plant that is shown to penetrate deeply into the layers of the skin and enhance collagen production in studies. Additionally, there is also the addition of a fragmented hyaluronic acid that helps fight wrinkles and plump up fine lines and wrinkles.

Revitalift Triple Power Serum

The Revitalift Triple Power collection promises to help the skin look younger, smoother and more radiant and is comprised of a day/night cream ($24.99), a serum ($24.99) and an eye treatment ($24.99), all done up in L’Oréal’s high-tech packaging (and who isn’t a sucker for fancy packaging?) and will hit store shelves this July.

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Julianna Margulies Joins L’Oréal In Honoring Women Of Worth

Today we give another nod to the idea of philanthropy-meets-fashion with the latest news about L’Oréal’s Women of Worth program. The brand has announced that actress Julianna Margulies has been named this year’s brand ambassador for the program.

Started in 2006, Women of Worth recognizes 10 women each year who are making a big difference in their communities, and honors these gals in a ceremony held in New York City and a $10,000 donation to put towards her cause. Then, L’Oréal selects one ultimate Woman of Worth who is named National Women of Worth Honoree and is given an additional $25,000 donation. That’s a big chunk of change to do good with!

The Good Wife actress recently raved about past winners to WWD, “These women were so extraordinary and exceptional and most of these women you’d hear their stories and think, that’s when you quit. Instead they persevered and not only helped other women but changed their communities, changed medical research, helped other women get jobs.”

With the spate of giving going on and ladies doing a big chunk of the work, isn’t this the prime opportunity to nominate the women of worth in your own life? From now until May 31, you can nominate someone whose cause you admire by clicking right here!


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