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Calvin Klein’s Reissue Project features Lottie Moss

Following in the iconic and mega footsteps of her big sister Kate, 16-year-old Lottie Moss is taking a career building leap pairing with the famed brand that some say put Kate Moss on the map. InStyle UK has revealed that the young Brit beauty has posed for Calvin Klein’s new capsule with online store My Theresa, aptly called the Reissue Project. Featuring reworked versions of Klein’s classic denim pieces — including a few that her sister famously wore in 1992 CK’s ads, the Reissue Project has pulling in the talents of not only mini-Moss, but also famous photographer Richard Avedon’s grandson, Michael Avedon who helmed the shooting of the nostalgic black-and-white campaign. It looks like it’s time to bust out your early 90′s denim!

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