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Gwen Stefani Pairs With OPI

This Fall Anna Wintour put a proverbial nail in the coffin of nail art, but now pop/fashion icon Gwen Stefani is taking it back out — with her own meticulously manicured paws.

Pairing with beloved nail brand OPI, Stefani has partnered on a line of “standout color in breakthrough finishes,” all inspired by the No Doubt frontwoman.

A recent OPI release took its cues from the 2013 Met Gala’s “Punk: Chaos to Couture” event in creating a collection hat celebrates “the role of music as a major influence in fashion” — which is precisely where Stefani came in.  The description of the finishes alone have us considering another spin with nail art: semi-matte satin finish, mirror-like finish, glitter… L-O-V-E.
With a bonus packaging of a red pout hue housed in a Swarovski encrusted boxed set.

Gwen Stefani x OPI will hit store shelves in January — which means nail art may live to see Spring.

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Must Have: Monday Is For Mermaids

Oh Mondays.

The start of the work week is sometimes fraught with sluggish beginnings, so we thought we’d offer up a new nail polish hue to cue the last days of summer frivolities that you had to leave behind (*boo.) — OPI’s mermaid-inspired Peace & Love & OPI.

From the brands San Francisco collection, this iridescent lacquer is perfect for achieving a happy medium between the over-the-top nail art set and the newly-dubbed neutral mani/pedi trend, and is reminiscent of rainbow oil slicks and mermaid scales.  (*hindsight: those two things do NOT go together.)  Regardless, any manicure that can inspire memories of bathtub mermaid imaginings and mythical creatures while your fingers labor themselves over a 9 to 5 keyboard is alright by us.

OPI’s Peace & Love & OPI will only set you back $9 a bottle, and like all of the brand’s polishes, is animal friendly (no-testing) and void of the big three toxic ingredients formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP.  See, Mondays aren’t so bad afterall.


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(finger)Tips: The Understated Manicure

Now that nail art has officially jumped the shark, we can all breath a fresh sigh of sweet relief in welcoming back the always elegant understated manicure.  From nude, to petal pink, to beige, and back again (to off-white or peach) a light hued polish always looks “put together,” and still manages to make a statement without taking any unnecessary attention away from your finger and wrist baubles.  Viva la accessories!

So, now that you’ve set your sights on a subtler fingertip tone, let’s take a look at which barely-there nail polish is right for you.

The first thing to consider is your own natural nail color sans polish. For a truly understated look, choose a shade that is closest to your own skin tone and apply in any variation from opaque to matte.  Then there’s the matter of finish.  As with the darker palette in the nail care aisle, each brand’s understated hues come in a variety of finishes, like opaque, true matte, or something with a little shimmer.  Typically, a single application of any lighter hue will provide less coverage than a solitary slick of your favorite va-va-red, so even painting on multiple coats of a pink, nude, or beige can help build the color into something more substantial — but an opaque nude with a hint of shimmer can go a long way too.

It just goes to show that, yes, nail art is going the way of the dodo (courtesy Ms. Wintour), but that doesn’t mean your options have to.


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Science: How Much Do You Spend On Your Nails?

Well you can thank your smartphone for this one. A recent study out of the UK is stating that the average lady spends about $685 (£450) on her nails every year. *gasp!

It’s not like we ever thought those pro mani-pedis, gel polishes and nail wraps were inexpensive — but wow! The whys on the matter include the fact that us gals like to emulate celeb-nail art aficionados like Rihanna and Zooey Deschanel, a task which gets increasingly difficult since the time we spend on our iPhones and Samsung Galaxy’s are increasingly hard on our poor nails. And let’s not negate the fact that we spend a lot of time watching those shiny perfectly polished nail tips a-tap-tap-taping away at our text pad. Just something to ponder.

So that’s that. We gave science it’s 15 seconds for the day. Now I’m off to the salon!

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Kate Spade’s Fashion Week Manicures Go Long and Pointy

Ala Lana del Rey, we imagine—the nails at Kate Spade’s recent New York Fashion Week appearance eschewed the traditional square, neat and rounded shaping in favor of the much more dramatic, long and especially pointy manicure that the fledging pop-star is regularly seen sporting.  And did we mention the bright colors and patterns?  We didn’t.  Well, take a look.

Spade’s manicures went bright, gingham and polka-dotted for spring 2013, in that pointedly sexy retro shaped way that usually only 50′s and 60′s starlets could pull off.

“It’s all about attention to detail now, so nails have become really important.” said creative director Deborah Lloyd when questioned about Spade’s seemingly new pop-cultural urban take.  ”And we’re loving these longer nails because the collection can be quite sweet and quite preppy, so we wanted something a bit edgier and grittier. Even though some of the nails are quite pretty, with the ginghams for example, by having them longer and more pointed it just gave a little bit of edge to them, which I think is a nice counterbalance to the sweetness of the clothes,” she told us.

So is this the next adventure in nail art?  And if it is, who on earth will open can tabs for us in the future?  Let us know what you think!

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Ciate Unleashes A Patriotic Caviar Manicure

Ciate Caviar Manicure Brittania

Caviar… it’s not just for crackers anymore. Or facials for that matter.

U.K.-based nail lacquer brand Ciate is continuing to flexing it’s patriotic swagger with a continuation of it’s faux fish roe nail polish… this time in red, white and blue. The English pride polish is an offshoot of Ciate‘s earlier caviar polishes in black and mother of pearl and rainbow, and is being released just in time to send off the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee excitement and usher in London’s Olympic frenzy.

The Caviar Manicure Jubilee Set comes with a shimmery white polish base (Angel Wings Paint Pot) and the ultra patriotic red, white and blue “caviar” pearls and is exclusively available Selfridges in the U.K. We, however, are keeping our current manicures crossed that Sephora will add it to the other Ciate Caviar polishes that are available stateside.

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