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Keratin: Your Answer To Straight, Shiny Hair

As your rifling through the recent ad campaigns of Missoni, Prada, Versace, Valentino, Gucci, and Givenchy, you’ll notice that stick straight hair is a thing for spring. So in the spirit of sweet emulation, let’s review the merits of keratin treatments without all the formaldehyde fear-mongering.

Today’s keratin treatments are a whole new ball game from the big backlash to the Brazilian Blowout in ’09. In fact, there are many formulas that actually are formaldehyde free. Of the ones that aren’t, the level of formaldehyde produced during the treatment is relatively low and safe.

Here’s how it works: Your hair is made of keratin, so in order to smooth out the surface of your hair follicles, more keratin is applied with a heat process until it sticks, making hair shinier, helping to prevent breakage, and even releasing curls and waves. And if the later isn’t your thing, keratin treatments comes in formulations that vary according to the result you want. Curly, but with less frizz? They can do that. Nary a wave and shinier than gold? They can do that too. The trick is finding a stylist who offers a wide variety of keratin formulations and is seasoned in the process.

During the process, your stylist combs the keratin formula into your hair, leaves it on to fully coat the strands, and then flat irons your hair to seal it in. Today’s formula’s don’t require yesterday’s 72 hour wait to wash policy, but be sure to ask, just in case. Then it’s up to you. If you want the results to last, you can switch to a sulfate-free shampoo—most cleansers that sud will likely strip your hair of the keratin you just applied—and staying away from chlorine and salt water is likely a good idea too.

Keratin treatments are still fairly pricey— as in between $200 – $600 a pop. But if you’re pining for the frizz free hair of your dreams and can deal with the fact that keratin does eventually rinse out—most treatments last between 8 weeks to 6 months—then this just might be the answer.


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Target Takes Aim At A New Celebrity Stylist Collaboration

All good things must end — just not quite yet.

Target’s high-end designer collaborations enjoyed their spot in the sun, garnering record sales and leaving shoppers clamoring for more. But with collaboration-fatigue creeping in, and the mega-retailer’s latest efforts not showing the remarkable success of… say… their Missoni capsule, Target is turning to a new type of pairing partner: the celebrity stylist.

Taking her turn at the collaboration bat is celeb stylist Kate Young, who regularly works for such luminous red-carpet lovelies as Natalie Portman and Michelle Williams.

Kate is a nontraditional partner for us,” a Target rep explains the switch to WWD. ”This is the first time we’ve worked with a stylist. It’s interesting [to work] with someone that may not have formal training. It’s the first time a limited-time collection has been so focused. We always wanted to do a line of semiformal and special occasion dresses. Here’s someone that creates jaw-dropping moments.”

By “first time” the Target rep must have meant “first time-ish” — since Young also had a hand in creating the Jason Wu for Target lookbook and has dressed both Williams and Portman in pieces from Target collaborations like Wu and Rodarte — but never mind.  Chock full of semi-formal and special occasion dresses, the Kate Young for Target collection is set to hit store shelves on April 14th with an accessories collection that will only be available online.

Of course, Kate Young for Target will be affordably priced between $29.99 and $89.99 — so set your calendars!

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Vittorio Missoni Missing As Search For Plane Continues

Our thoughts are with the Missoni family as they continue to search for a private plane that went missing on Friday, carrying the head of the famed Italian fashion house Vittorio Missoni, and his wife Maurizia Castiglioni.

The Telegraph reports that the plane, carrying Missoni and his wife, two friends and two pilots disappeared en route to Caracas, Venezuela at approximately 11:30 Friday morning, and despite the efforts of rescue crews has still not been located.

The Missoni company posted an official statement via their Facebook page over the weekend, confirming the plane’s disappearance:

“The Missoni company today confirms that Vittorio Missoni and his wife are missing in Venezuela. The small plane they were travelling on has disappeared. This is all the information currently available. We are relying on the work of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and all the institutions involved, to whom we are gratetful for the prompt activities in the research. As more information becomes available the company will issue further statements. The company asks the press to kindly respect the family’s privacy at this time.”

“Our hope is that he is still alive,” Vittorio Missoni’s sister Angela Missoni told Italian paper La Repubblica. “We want to hope, because for us it is important.”
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Converse and Missoni Recycle Style With New Sneaker

Converse and Missoni recently revealed their latest collaboration during Paris Fashion Week last Friday. The “Converse x Missoni Archive Project” is a series of 20 one-of-a-kind sneakers created using unique deadstock fabrics from the Missoni archive. Now in their sixth season together the Converse and Missoni collaboration unite the longstanding iconic fabric of Missoni with the Converse star start at $200.00 for a piece of this art.

“The Converse Pro Leather and Auckland Racer shoes each helped to usher in the modern era of basketball and running respectively,” says Penny Ericson, vice president of Converse Jack Purcell and Premium, in an article on Ecouterre.com. “And we are excited to unite these iconic designs with the rich heritage of Missoni and the inspiring artistry of Gary Card.”

As a follow up to the Converse Missoni Archive Project collection, Converse will also launch the Holiday 2012 Missoni for Converse Auckland Racer that debuted on the Missoni Fall/Winter 2012 runway in Milan.

You’ll be able to score one of these design-rich babies starting October 31st at Missoni boutiques and select Converse retailers worldwide. You can also grab a pair online by visiting https://www.converse.com/#/products/detail/page/131754C.

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