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Coconut oil’s powerful hydrating punch

Today’s must-have is more “reminder” and less “run out and purchase” — it’s coconut oil, and it’s a many, many, many splendored thing. How do we heart thee, coconut oil? Let us count the ways.

It seems coconuts are as useful as they are trendy, particularly when it comes to beauty. In fact, some say you can replace a number of your high-end beauty products with it, counting deep conditioner, moisturizer, makeup remover, bath oil and sunburn soother as bottles being replaced by the sweet-smelling and inexpensive tropical oil. Here are some of our favorite coconut oil beauty fixes for the au natural set and beyond:

1. Makeup removal: Smear a bit over your eyes and cheeks and then gently remove the remnants of the nights war paint.

2. Sunburn soother: While there’s not really any empirical evidence that coconut oil actually helps sooth a sunburn, it will add a layer of moisture to dry, undamaged skin and the tropical smell will make you feel better about your less than enthusiastic sunscreen application.

3. Moisturizer: Chlorine and saltwater paired with summer’s hot heat is a recipe for dry skin. A healthy helping of coconut oil, smoothed on after a shower (and even worn to bed) is a great way to keep your skin hydrated and happy.

4. Bath Oil: And speaking of moisture, try adding a handful of the good stuff to a warm bath. A scoop will melt into the hot water and douse summer dry skin with a much needed power punch of hydration.

5. Deep conditioner: Dry scalp and heat damaged styling can both be addressed by a weekly coating of coconut oil. Use it as a once-weekly hair mask, or massage it into a tight itchy scalp. There really is no wrong way to use coconut oil, so what are you waiting for?


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Vaseline: A multi-tasking must-have

If you’re anything like us your cosmetics cabinet is a smorgasborg of beauty products, some of which you’ve spent a pretty penny for. But being beautiful needn’t always bust your bank account. Sometimes the best beauty must have is something you likely already have — Vaseline.

A first aid kit staple, Vaseline is making it’s way onto the makeup hot list as beauty bloggers tout it’s iconic formula for skin, eyes and lips. Oh sure, it’s still great for treating burns, diaper rash and irritated skin, but petroleum jelly is also a great hydrator (it keeps moisture sealed in), lusciously glossy lip balm, and is handy in helping insert earrings through a stubborn pierced ear.

Did someone say highlighter? A sought after luminous glow can be had by lightly dabbing Vaseline onto your cheekbones. And you can skip the mascara by applying the iconic goo to your lash line for more voluminous and longer looking lashes.

Eye makeup removal is a breeze with petroleum jelly and will prevent harmful tugging and smoothing Vaseline over your brows can tame even the most unruly over-the-eye fringe.

And speaking of fringe, you can mask dry, frizzy split ends by lightly smoothing petroleum jelly over them until you can schedule in a trim.

So for today’s must-have, we nominate an ultra-multi-tasking and super affordable tub of Vaseline. You’re welcome.

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A Moisturizer Full Of Promises

Promises… promises.  After last nights Halloween face-paint play, you’re probably in need of a product that actually delivers on its skin saving vows.  Well, there is…

It’s a one-two punch actually. Beauty brand Philosophy’s Full of Promise Treatment Duo solemnly swears to keep your skin soft and supple, day and night with a dual-sided tube of moisturizer with a little sun symbol and moon symbol to let you know exactly when to apply.  The day moisturizer is creamy and absorbs easily for a silky, clean finish, while the night is a clear serum-type gel that sits a little heavier on your skin, giving your epidermis ample opportunity to soak up it’s benefits.  Both moisturizers are gel-based, which means they won’t leave your face greasy, while still helping you undo the damage you did applying and re-applying your Halloween visage last night — and the damage you do on a daily basis.

Fool proof hydration in a nifty little package… and just in time for the holidays!

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Order Up: A How-To On Applying Your Skincare Products

There are endless oceans of skincare products on the market today, but the real quandary comes in, not only finding the perfect fit for your skin’s tone, texture, and type, but also applying the products in an order that best utilizes the beneficial properties of each product.  If you’ve ever found yourself wondering if the application and order of your daily eye cream, moisturizer, serum, and sunscreen matter, then here’s the validation you’ve been dreading — Yes. It matters.

Dallas-based esthetician Renee Rouleau breaks down the general rule in skincare application by recommending that “you go thinnest to thickest.” For example, a toner is much thinner in consistency than a moisturizer, so that would be the first product you apply post-cleansing. “[Toner] goes on like water and you want to leave it damp so that whatever you put on next seals in all that hydration and any other active ingredients.”

Next comes your serum, which ranges in texture from liquid to gel, followed by an application of your moisturizer of choice. There is some debate as to whether rubbing a product into your skin or pressing the product over the skin is the best way to get the most out of your product without damaging the skin. Some schools of thought adhere to the rubbing method in order to stimulate blood flow, while others swear that pressing the product gently into the skin from the center of the face out to the lymph nodes behind the ears helps decrease puffiness and increase circulation without pulling and stretching the skin.

Eye creams are up-to-bat next, and should be pressed (not rubbed) into the skin around the entire socket cavity. Start by warming your eye cream in the palm of your hand, and then use three fingers to press the product into the inner corner of the eye, then towards the outer corner, and into the upper cavity.

And finally — and probably most important — a healthy application of sunscreen. Not your BB cream, not a tinted moisturizer, and certainly not your own homemade mixture of both. “Sunscreen is a drug that’s been tested and approved by the FDA in its final form,” Roleau says. “And anytime you alter a drug, you don’t really know what’s going to happen; you can’t feel 100% confident that it’s going to protect you.”

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