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What We’re Obsessing Over Now: MosaMuse

mosa muse bad habits

Blogger turned fashion media mogul Syreeta Lockett has turned a small blog into the online destination for fashion obsessed dreamers to get a little more than they bargained for. In addition to staying up on game on the latest trends and insights in the world of fashion and beauty, Mosa Muse intrinsically stitches together posts that uplift and inspire that weave together the right content at the right time to help us be architects of our own lives.

Pictures that tell stories, editorials that give us a fierce and fabulous look into our own bad habits,  the newly launched site is for the go-getter; the dreamer; and the girl who just took a stumble. Its for the art lover; the fashionista; the girl who shoots at the range; and the med student.

MOSAMUSE doesn’t force you to fit one standard of beauty or one ideal of the “American Dream”. This site motivates “all styles of YOU“.

Get your fix at www.mosamuse.com.  We hope you’ll gush all over the content as we have…

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