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CurlBox Brings Beauties Together for Gorgeous Hair

curlbox photoshoot

We nabbed this picture from an Instragram post taken from the CurlBox Facebook page featuring popular natural hair bloggers and vloggers Chescaleigh, Urban Bush Babes, Hey Fran Hey, Myleik & Taren916 sharing a laugh at Karen’s Body Beautiful meet up last Thursday.


It almost looks like an ad with all of the natural hair beauties rocking tribal and fun prints and bold smiles. Much like the post we did yesterday on MyShadeofBrown.com, CurlBox  is the first subscription service for naturally curly hair. It’s an affordable, effortless and exclusive way to experience products for curly hair and we might add that the business has taken off and become a staple in the natural hair community.


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MyShadeofBrown.com Takes Over Where Birchbox leaves off


It’s no secret that when it comes to marketing in the beauty industry, many companies and brands typically miss the mark by conforming to the universal concept of beauty being pale skin and hues that are lighter than the color of sand. News flash, women of all colors and ethnicities appreciate makeup that fits their skin tones.

Sick of her seemingly endless search for beauty products that worked for women of color, all-around beauty girl Meki Adefris decided to emulate the business model of Birchbox, a beauty box subscription program that sends monthly sample size products from a variety of beauty brands.

My Shade of Brown delivers premium sized beauty samples tailored to women of color. Each month customers receive 4 or 5 samples of amazing beauty products tailored to women of color who will receive anything from foundation to nail polish.

Learn more and check out MyShadeofBrown.com


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