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Must-have: Office Appropriate Shorts

In with a boom and out with a bang, the holiday weekend’s celebratory spirit may be replaced with a post-party funk as you march back into the office today. To counter just such a downward spiral, try rebelling against your typical workday dressing by donning this summer’s surprisingly office-appropriate shorts.

Paired with a pretty set of lace-up heels and a bold-hued blazer, shorts are truly becoming your wear everywhere 2015 staple. Creative offices are likely to be more receptive to bolder short styles, but even conservatives are donning a just above the knee cut short and managing to spice it up with accessories, like a leopard print belt or a modern cut bootie. (Ed. And speaking of bootie — this is a good opportunity to toss those bootie shorts that will never, ever, ever be appropriate. Anywhere.)

We’ve found a few stylish examples of how to style shorts for your work week and beyond, that we hope will make today’s “back to the grind” a little less painful.


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