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Trends: Fall ’14 makeup tips to try


You’ve got your oversize knits on standby and your knee-high boots on set to march, but what about your cosmetics case? There are plenty of ah-mazing makeup looks trending for fall right now, from blushed up cheeks to dramatic eye makeup and beyond. Here’s a sneak peek at the face paint you’ll be playing with when the seasons start to change.


The September issues we cooed over yesterday aren’t the only ones smitten with the 60′s. It seems the hottest fall 2014 makeup trends are equally hip to the look, offering up Gucci F/W ’14 doe eye look as evidence. Think top and bottom lashes lush with mascara and even double falsies to create that sexy Bardot Bambi look. Paired with a nude lip to accentuate your fluttery eye fringe, this look plays mod and modern all at the same time.


Whether you’re faking them with brow pencil or blessed with a big bushy set, big eyebrows continue to be a bold statement for fall 2014. So keep your tweezers tucked in the drawer and invest in a good clear brow setting gel to keep your brows bold and all business.


Lip color loses definition for autumn in favor of a softer, smokier look. The runways of Giorgio Armani and Prada each played up this look by favoring diffused color and eschewing lip liner to create a “kissed off” look that’ll have you reaching for your blotting papers.


Contouring will continue it’s reign but in a much softer, less-Kardashian style, favoring toned down beiges and neutrals to gently sculpt and highlight features in a natural way.


And keep that blue eyeliner and shadow on hand, as Spring’s flattering cobalts and a more fall appropriate navy are perfect hues to highlight your peepers and still look sleek and decidedly grown up. Check the runways of Giles, Anna Sui and Temperley London for your cues.


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Keratin: Your Answer To Straight, Shiny Hair

As your rifling through the recent ad campaigns of Missoni, Prada, Versace, Valentino, Gucci, and Givenchy, you’ll notice that stick straight hair is a thing for spring. So in the spirit of sweet emulation, let’s review the merits of keratin treatments without all the formaldehyde fear-mongering.

Today’s keratin treatments are a whole new ball game from the big backlash to the Brazilian Blowout in ’09. In fact, there are many formulas that actually are formaldehyde free. Of the ones that aren’t, the level of formaldehyde produced during the treatment is relatively low and safe.

Here’s how it works: Your hair is made of keratin, so in order to smooth out the surface of your hair follicles, more keratin is applied with a heat process until it sticks, making hair shinier, helping to prevent breakage, and even releasing curls and waves. And if the later isn’t your thing, keratin treatments comes in formulations that vary according to the result you want. Curly, but with less frizz? They can do that. Nary a wave and shinier than gold? They can do that too. The trick is finding a stylist who offers a wide variety of keratin formulations and is seasoned in the process.

During the process, your stylist combs the keratin formula into your hair, leaves it on to fully coat the strands, and then flat irons your hair to seal it in. Today’s formula’s don’t require yesterday’s 72 hour wait to wash policy, but be sure to ask, just in case. Then it’s up to you. If you want the results to last, you can switch to a sulfate-free shampoo—most cleansers that sud will likely strip your hair of the keratin you just applied—and staying away from chlorine and salt water is likely a good idea too.

Keratin treatments are still fairly pricey— as in between $200 – $600 a pop. But if you’re pining for the frizz free hair of your dreams and can deal with the fact that keratin does eventually rinse out—most treatments last between 8 weeks to 6 months—then this just might be the answer.


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2014 Trends: A Stick Straight Spring

Elizabeth Olsen for Miu Miu

From Lady Gaga for Versace to Elizabeth Olsen for Miu Miu (and nearly every other haute couture ad campaign in between) — we’re going to call Spring 2014 the season of stick straight hair.

So far 10 of this Spring’s designer ad campaigns have doled out a bevy of beauties sporting shiny, long, and seriously straight hair. Valentino, Givenchy, Gucci, Prada, Missoni — the heavy hitters are heavily into slick, simple styles that aren’t so simple to pull off without a natural heady of silky straight strands.

It seems that spring is going to be rife with flyaway sprays, flat irons, and blow dryers and stock up on the deep conditioners! Here’s our evidence!

Christy Turlington for Missoni

Lady Gaga for Versace



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Trends: Fall 2013 Is Awash In Pink

Spring/summer’s bold tangerine has certainly enjoyed its time in the color-du-jour spotlight, but come fall, the orange hue will have to make way for next big thing.  Notably the single shade that stormed the recent runways: pink.

Roksanda Ilincic Fall 2013

Chanel Fall 2013

Typically reserved for spring dresses and baby girls, pink is buzzing for fall, from its most precocious iteration to a decidedly less-girly place on the color’s spectrum.  Critics raved over Miu Miu’s bold bubblegum and black polka-dotted numbers, Prada’s dark pink round-shouldered jackets, and Roksanda Ilincic’s saturated pale pink collection.  It seems everyone had something to offer on the color — J.Crew, Carven, Céline — from separates to outerwear and everything in between.  It’s official, come fall, pink is the new hue-to-do.

Céline Fall 2013

Prada Fall 2013


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2013 Fall Campaigns Are Heavy On Theatricality

Nicole Kidman for Jimmy Choo

Never content to sweat through those summer days and nights like the rest of us, those industrious fashion folks are hard at it doling out the latest and greatest for fall. Witness from the Nicole Kidman fronted Jimmy Choo campaign and Versace’s campaign featuring a nude (again) Kate Moss — Fall’s haute couture campaigns are heavy on the drama. They’re also heavy on model-of-the-moment Cara Delevigne, who scored heavies like Mulberry, Saint Laurent, Fendi, and DKNY.

Accompanied by owls, beaches, modern art, boats, and taxi cabs, Fall 2013′s campaigns are high on theatricality, and that suits us here at PoshBeauty.com just fine. So here are a few of favorites that you’re surely already starting to see as the August fashion mags are hitting stands now.


Cara Delivigne for Saint Laurent

Kate Moss for Versace

Christy Turlington for Jason Wu

Cara Delivigne for Mulberry

Amanda Murphy and Freja Beha for Prada


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A Sexy Spring Breeze: 2013 Resort Campaigns

Miu Miu Resort 2013

If you’ve spent any time at all rifling through the pages of your favorite haute couture fashion lately, you’ll have noticed that the 2013 Resort collections ads are out enforce. It is, after all, the time of year when the Chanels, Pradas, and Guccis of the fashion set start to reveal what’s next up to bat. And while we realize, a baseball reference doesn’t exactly play well here, the sheer numbers involved in the latest campaigns is enough to call this a competitive event. Here’s a sneak peak at Chanel’s Marie Antoinette-inspired Resort 2013, Donna  Karan’s soft-lit star Karlie Kloss, and Miu Miu’s super-model laden looks — the very best of the 2013 Resort campaigns.

Chanel Resort 2013

Prada 2013 Resort

Donna Karan Resort 2013


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