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How to grow your own luscious long locks

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your long hair. But wait. You can’t? No, you’re still waiting for last year’s bob/boycut/bangs to grow out. Long, fairy-tale locks are all the rage, and sadly, they require vast amounts of patience to acquire. Or do they?

Waiting out an impetuous hair cut to grow out is not an overnight event, but that doesn’t mean that a long, beautiful mane can’t be yours. The secret to encouraging hair growth is a pairing of supplements and hair care to help speed up the process, so let’s take a look at the how-to’s of acquiring your very own cascade of heavenly, lengthy hair.


Starting with the inner — your diet is likely lacking in a few key hair-happy ingredients. Certain vitamins and minerals are essential to hair health, so finding a high-quality multivitamin (that hasn’t degraded and is easily digestible) containing iron, zinc, vitamin D, and a full-spectrum vitamin B complex is a vital elements to speeding up hair growth.

There is also an ingested hair growth nutriceutical that borders on legendary — particularly in the world of celebrity and supermodels. Viviscal is a top-secret blend of marine complex AminoMar, zinc, Vitamin C, and horsetail extract, all of which is rumored to keep the locks of such runway followers as Karlie Kloss, Jessica Stam, and Caroline Trentini.


Let’s talk about your scalp. Scalp care is likely the most overlooked component of hair growth, and maybe the most important. Your hair follicles require a healthy, hydrated, and well-kept scalp in order to produce that head of hair your pining for. Scheduling a regular moisturizing scalp massage is a great way to increase circulation of your follicles and keep your skin healthy.

Of course, if you’re not being good to the hair you already have, it’s likely your locks won’t ever resemble the long, luscious mane that’s in your mind’s eye. Regular trims, and the weekly use of an intense-hydration strengthening hair mask — and staying away from too much heat styling — will keep your hair from breaking and looking shorter and frizzier. And let’s face it, that’s half the battle.


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