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Dior’s Temporary Approach To Tattoos

They say diamonds are forever… but it seems gold is merely temporary.

Dior 24-carat Temporary Tattoos

Luxe fashion brand Dior has released something slightly unexpected in the form of a limited-edition set of 24-carat gold temporary tattoos, meant to replace those actual Dior cuffs, chokers, earrings, and bracelets that you simply can’t afford (pardon our speculation.) Not that the nine piece “skin jewelry” set isn’t still pricey — at $120 a pop, it’s still a bit of an investment for something that’s… er… temporary. Dior costume jewelry designer Camille Miceli designed the sets that appear to be styled in the trendy links and swirls of fall 2012, as well as logos (natch) and something that looks like a doll charm, all made from 24-carat gold micro-particles. So if temporary is your thing, you can snap you’re up now at Dior.com.

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