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Sky Ferreira’s 6 Way Hair Transformations For Teen Vogue

Beyond spending a fortune on extensions and hair pieces, once you’ve made the decision to go bobbed, banged, brunette or blond you’re pretty much stuck with it. So you can imagine how pleased we were with Teen Vogue’s May 2014 editorial featuring she-of-the-perfectly-bowed-mouth, Sky Ferreira sporting an serious assortment of hair making 6 very different style transformations. Here is the pop singer playing every role, from romantically frizzed, to boy cut short. The hair, apparently, is the thing that makes the king.


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Trends: Big Haired Honeys

Teen Vogue March '14

Today’s trend is less practical and more fantastical. But then some days are simply more suited to daydreaming, aren’t they? We’re talking about the recent spate of inspired editorials, runways and red carpets featuring big, bold and utterly dramatic hair. Most recently Teen Vogue’s lusciously lavish spread called, “Big Love,” featuring a decadent array of up-dos, curls, and braids.

Teen Vogue '14

And let’s not forget the chic frizzy curls evidenced on the F/W 14 runways of Bottega Veneta and the tangled mermaid tails at Rachel Zoe S/S 14.

Bottega Veneta FW13

Rachel Zoe SS14

Further evidence of today’s trend is its appearance on the red carpet, in the form of Vanessa Hudgen’s oversized and multi-hued braid and Amber Heard’s perfectly piled and styled awards season hair.

Vanessa Hudgens

Amber Heard

Take a tip from those southern gals proclaiming, “the higher the hair, the closer to god,” and pile up your locks for this weekend’s night out!

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Elaine Welteroth Appointed New Health and Beauty Editor For Teen Vogue

elaine welteroth

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Veteran Glamour Magazine beauty editor has stepped down from her post and will soon be joining the ranks of the fashion goddesses at Teen Vogue. Appointed as the new Health and Beauty Director, Elaine Welteroth will be replacing the much adored Eva Chen who’s reign as editor and style maven drew the likes of over 36,000+ Twitter followers and 24,000+ Instagram fans.

“It’s all about preparation meeting the opportunity at the right time,” Welteroth said. ”I had the chance to learn from some really talented people who have taught me a lot. So, this next step is sort of the culmination of a lot of work, great mentorship, and perfect timing.”

Welteroth brings with her not only experience but a sense of diversity often amiss from the fashion industry. The result? A reader’s ability to relate to culturally diverse content, a voice that speaks for them and inclusive content.

We here at Posh Beauty are sending a big glossy kiss to Elaine in congratulations on her new position!

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