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Let Your Texture Tell You What Blunt Cut To Try For Fall

Kate Mara

Summer is synonymous with sun and sand, but sadly that combo doesn’t do a whole heck of a lot for your hair.  Fall is the perfect time to polish your appearance and this year there is no more fashion forward way to do that than with a beautiful blunt cut.  Trimming off those dried, split summer ends with this classic look will put you in the trend-setting stratosphere as the slew of stylish celebrities who are donning this do… Emily Blunt, Nicole Richie, and Kate Mara… to name a few.

This polished look is not without it’s complications though, so in order to avoid any blunt cut foibles — puffy triangle shapes, and frizzed out messiness, to name a few.  So let’s take a look at some of the best cuts for fine, thick, and curly hair, and some of the ways to tame your look into the pretty and put-together look you see on the red-carpet.

Nicole Richie

Fine hair, like Nicole Richie’s is great for a variety of beautiful blunt cut lengths, from chin to shoulders, but keeping it shorter will be an easier look to maintain.  Richie’s asymmetrical bent on the blunt, is also a great way to add a little modern day drama. To avoid getting the triangular puffy look, have your stylist razor the ends of your hair on the innermost sections to help them lie flat.

Emily Blunt

Medium to thick hair works best with a blunt cut that is shoulder length or longer, letting gravity keep your tresses weighed down and smooth.  And while layers are NOT what your going for with this look, having your stylist add a few undetectable ones in the back will help make styling easier while still keeping the front corners blunt and sharp.

Those of us with thick, curly hair, will fair best with a cut that lies just around the collarbone.  This length, paired with a frizz control product or a straightening balm, and a flat iron for the ends will make upkeep easier on a daily basis.  As will washing your hair less to achieve a smoother do — so load up on the dry shampoo.



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