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The Life and Legacy of Alexander McQueen


There’s no doubt that the fashion industry lost a piece of itself when the legendary fashion icon Alexander McQueen took his own life a few years ago. While his suicide remains a mystery, we’re grateful to the fashion genius for his ingenuity, innovation and no-apologies-design he gifted to the fashion world which continues to stand on his shoulders.

Alexander McQueen: The Life and the Legacy, which recently became available October 30, is the examination of McQueens work and inspiration with very few hints at being a biography of the late designer. Author Judith Watt digs into the real story of McQueen, seeing him much more than just a designer but as a creator. Watt relays the¬†importance of McQueen’s work, his life behind his work and never-before seen drawings and photos that no one has witnessed before… until now.

Are you planning to get your hands on this one? Long live McQueen!


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