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A Serious Case of Thrifting – New eBoutiques Make Selling Your Old Clothes A Cinch

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If you’ve ever fought with the sales associate at Beacon’s Closet or did your best to get the most bang for your buck at Crossroads Trading you know how difficult it can be to re-sell your clothes and get the value you are looking for. Well now, you won’t have to waste time dealing with all of the drama.

New “re-commerce” boutiques are paving a new path for stylish thrifting where you can buy, sell and flip your items for recyclable style and eco-conscious shopping.  Get familiar with Twice and Threadflip, two new online boutiques mopping the floor with Ebay. It’s okay to cheat on your local thrift store. We won’t tell. Learn a little more about these new shopping channels. We swear you’ll fall in love.

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