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Holiday Travel: Tips for saving your skin

Today’s tips are especially geared towards those holiday warriors who will brave flying the friendly skies this holiday season. Airport stressors, recycled inflight air, and fluctuations in altitude and weather are all enough to take your complexion from luminous to listless in the course of a single day. So here are a few of our favorite tips for keeping your skin in check during the holiday to and fro.

Naturally, it starts from the inside. Taking proper diet precautions pre-flight can help save your skin from the stressors of the season. Think lots of greens – particularly kale, spinach and green apples – to help boost hydration and internal cleansing, raw inflight snacks like nuts, seeds, fruit and veggies, and stay away from alcohol, sugar and processed foods. Yes, that means saying “no” to the wine, salted pretzels and airplane food that only serve to create toxic buildup and dehydration.

Hydration is the number one way to stay looking fresh and feeling energized. Stock up on bottled water prior to the flights or bring a refillable water bottle onboard with you. Constantly sipping water during your travel will help prevent water retention and dry skin.

Counter to what you may think, spraying a facial mist will only exacerbate the problem. Since airplane cabins have extremely low humidity, your skin will be on high alert for any moisture. Since water attracts water, misting your face will bring any water from the deep layers of your skin to the surface, where it too will evaporate into the dry cabin air causing even more dehydration. Opting for a layer of ultra-rich moisturizer w/ SPF prior to your flight will act as a double-duty sealant, keeping the moisture in and protecting you from the closer proximity of the sun’s harmful UV rays.


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