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Tuesday’s Tips: A Hair-Free Summer Is Just A Laser Away!

It’s nearly summer and if there is one poolside necessity, it’s smooth, hair-free legs, bikini line and underarm.  Yes, ladies… your winter hiatus from shaving, plucking, waxing is over — or is it?  Laser hair removal is arguably the single best option for ridding yourself from unwanted hair, for as close to forever as you can get, so put away those razors, tweezers and skin-scorching wax/strip combo and let’s take a look at the skinny on zapping away that unwanted hair laser-style.

1.  What is laser hair removal?  Laser hair removal is when a trained aesthetician uses a laser to target the hair follicle bulb underneath the surface of the skin.  The energy of the laser heats up the bulb, destroying it, which in turn prevents the hair to regrow.

2.  What makes a good candidate for laser hair removal?  The best candidates for laser hair removal are ladies with dark, coarse hair and fair skin, although darker skin types can also benefit with the use of different lasers that avoid causing discoloration of the skin.  Sadly, those ladies with very light, fine hair aren’t going to see the hair-free results that the rest of us are raving about.  Sorry.

3.  How do I prepare for my laser hair removal session?  Avoid waxing or plucking your hair for 4 to 6 weeks prior to your laser treatment.  (Shaving is fine.)

4.  What should I expect during the session?  You can expect a little discomfort, the laser feels like you’re being snapped with a rubber band.  But you know what’s even more uncomfortable?  Rocking the your beachy bikini looking… um… less-than-hair-free.  You may also see pink, hive-like bumps around the hair follicles immediately after your treatment.  These will dissipate, usually within the day, and mild steroid creams can also be used to help calm any irritation.
5.  How much does laser hair removal cost?  Cost typically depends on where you live, who you have performing the treatment, and the size of the area being treated. For example your underarm area will probably average between $150 – $300 per treatment, with an average of 5-7 treatments being necessitated to completely be rid of the unwanted hair.  So, no.  Laser hair removal is not cheap.  But it is a more permanent way to prepare for your poolside close-up.  Keep your eyes peeled for Groupon-ish coupons too, as they’re generally offered up this time of year.

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Tuesday Tip: Prepare Your Peds For Summer’s Sexy Sandals

What do these things have in common: leg-baring shorts, shady sun hats, sexy summer sandals?  That’s right, they’ve all been awakened from their long winters nap in the back of your closet. And if you’ve procrastinated on the necessity of upkeep during your foot’s winter hibernation in boots… you’ve probably got some work to do. A picture-pretty pedicure is an essential when it comes to slipping on most of summer’s sexy footwear, so here it is: a few easy solutions to get your feet looking sandal season sexy.

1.  Step one is to apologize to your poor peds by soaking your feet in warm water and epsom salt.  This combo will soften any dead cells and calluses for easy-breezy removal.  And making this a regular ritual can help heal dry, damaged skin, reduce inflammation and relive itching.

2.  Once those tootsies are through with their nice, relaxing soak, pick up a pumice stone and scrub away calluses and any rough patches that may have built up over the winter months (and don’t forget to slap on a generous helping of moisturizer afterwards.)  Regular use of an exfoliating scrub can also help remove dry, dead skin while doing double duty on the moisturizing and deodorizing fronts.

3.  We’re not suggesting that your pretty little feet resemble a hobbits… but most of us (particularly as we get a little older) will start to notice hair on our feet and toes.  The important thing is not to panic.  Instead, pick up some small wax strips (brow size is perfect for toes) from the local drugstore or cosmetics counter and remove the smattering of hairs from the root.  This will eliminate the course, itchy regrowth from shaving that might be irritated by your sandal straps.

4. Now for those toenails.  Broken, misshapen toenails are not the appropriate canvas for summer’s best and brightest nail lacquers, so break out those nail clippers and emery boards and clip and file those poor things.  Square off your toenails, avoiding rounding off or shortening the corners (this will cause ingrown toenails), and your feet will be perfectly primed for a pretty polish.

5. If you find that hiding behind those winter boots have left your feet a few shades lighter than your newly tanned legs, try using a tinted moisturizer for a subtle boost of healthy looking color.

Then slip on those sandals and scoot out the door — you’re adoring public is waiting.

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