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Covers: January 2013 Is A Dazzling Display

While you’re busy sneaking in that last minute X-mas shopping, the fashion world is once again a step ahead of the game. You’re prepping for Santa and they’re already well into the New Year’s celebrations with the magazine racks revealing a seriously snazzy array of January 2013 covers.

Celebrities dominate the mags, with Jessica Chastain continuing her reign as celebrity-du-jour, gracing a lion’s share of the glossies by scoring covers of GQ, Elle, Deutch Vogue, and, of course, the 4 art-inspired W covers that we fawned over previously. Pop stars Gwen Stephanie (Vogue and Marie Claire) and Kylie Minogue (Elle) are also on-hand, as are actresses Jessica Biel (Elle), Gwyneth Paltrow (InStyle), Anne Hathaway (Glamour), Sienna Miller (Harper’s Bazaar and Harper’s Bazaar UK), and Kate Bosworth (Harper’s Bazaar Australia.) And let’s not forget the supermodels — there’s Kate Upton (Vogue UK), Joan Smalls (Vogue Japan and Vogue Brash)  and Carolyn Murphy (Vogue Australia.) So yes, the 2013 covers are, in a word: dazzling. Take a look for yourself!



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Rihanna For Vogue


Rihanna is quickly becoming a regular cover girl for Vogue recently releasing pictures of her new November cover for the magazine. Styled with a strapless lace dress, pouty red lip to match, and that pixie cut we’re still gawking over.

The pop princess gave us the skinny a few weeks ago that she was shooting for Vogue and then revealed the cover on her Instagram. This new cover comes at perfect timing for Rihanna’s upcoming album release of her seventh studio album Unapologetic due out November 19th.

What say you Posh Beauties? Are you feeling Rihanna’s new Americana look?

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November 2012′s Covers Go To The Stars

If next month’s mags are any indication, editors are going crazy for celebrity cover models. Could it be that the past few months September Issue/ Fashion Week madness has led to model overload?  Nevermind, magazines like Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Marie Claire, Glamour, Vogue are all eschewing the haute couture super-models (at least for now) in favor of a host of red-carpet beauties including Salma Hayek, Sarah Jessica Parker, Taylor Swift, Nicole Kidman, Natasha Poly, Jennifer Lawrence and Diane Kruger. But the proof is in the pudding — so here’s the pudding. Soon to be hitting newsstands, here are some of our favorite November 2012 editions celebrity-adorned covers:





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Posh Beauty Expert of the Week: Celebrity Hair Stylist Nelson Vercher

nelson vercher

Nelson Vercher is the celebrity hairstylist that’s flown under the radar. He’s worked with some of the most sought after names in the entertainment industry including Jennifer Lopez, Kelly Rowland, Olivia Palermo, Kim Kardashian and Britney Spears. As if his list of celebrity clientele wasn’t enough to add him to the hierarchy of phenomenal hair stylists in the industry he’s also dominated in the fashion industry working with luxury brands such as Giorgio Armani, Prada, Zac Posen, Oscar de la Renta and his editorial work has been featured in the pages of such magazines as Vogue, Elle, Nylon, Italian Vogue, L’Officel, Wonderland, and Harper’s Bazaar.

Vercher gives us a bit of a look into his career and how aspiring hairstylists can also grow in this business:


When was the day you decided you wanted to be a hairstylist? Why?

Well, I was thinking about it from about the age of 15 and I grew up in a house full of sisters. But I got really serious about it at about 18, when I happened to walk past a Vidal Sassoon salon in Chicago and saw groovy kids working there and doing their thing. Right there and then, it became clear that hair would be it.

During your most difficult moments in your career how did you stay motivated?

Staying motivated can be very hard when things are not going right with your career. What I do is tell myself is I’m not done and theres much more of my work the world haven’t seen yet. I often do some of my best work during these moments, so pushing yourself creatively will help to keep you motivated. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s what I do. And try to eat really healthy and work out a lot!

If you could do any part of building your career over what would it be?

I don’t like to play the “what if” game, because there’s nothing you can do about what you did and didn’t do in the past. I think what happens, is supposed to happen. With that said, I would pay much more attention to the people working on set, such as the producers and those kind of people. The money people. I do it now, but it took years to start becoming a business man and I’m still working on it.

What has been your most memorable moment working in the beauty industry?
The most memorable moment of my career ? I don’t think its happened yet! But I will certainly tell you when it does. Something I thought about the other day and have thought about every day since, is that I am doing just what I set out to do in my career – and more. I’m super lucky and still excited by it!

What does beauty mean to you?
Beauty means to me global and not being afraid to be yourself no matter what that is.

If you were stranded on an island what top beauty products would you not be able to live without?
If I were stranded on an island, the product I would most need would already be there and that’s coconuts! You can use them for everything and eat them! And if not that, then Dr Hauschka sunscreen.

Finish this sentence: A woman is most beautiful when ___________.

A woman is most beautiful when she returns home very late after a fun night out! Nothing more boring to me than perfection.

What is your advice for anyone looking to break into this industry?
Start with great basic training, which can take up to 5 years. Never say anything anything to the person you work under – bite your lip. Be the last person to leave and with a little luck things should work out.

Learn more about Nelson and connect with him on Twitter and Facebook.


Stay tuned for next week’s featured expert as they dish on breaking into and succeeding in the industry!
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And Now For The Numbers: Vogue’s September Issue Weighs In

It’s fitting that the single most widely read, editorial issue of the year, the September issue of Vogue, is once again making news — and making numbers.

Vogue's Lady Gaga Covered September Issue

It makes sense, I mean, if you’re going to consistantly bedeck one magazine up per year with a heightened number of readers, a way heightened number of advertisements, and a way-waaay heightened number of pages — enough so that the month’s moniker becomes the subject and title for an award winning documentary — you really can’t expect a readers heightened… uh… expectation.

Naturally Vogue sets out to fulfill each and every one with a record-breaking whopper of a September issue that even has mail carriers in a tissy over the sheer weight and implausibility  of actually fitting it into a mailbox.  The Washington Post recently took a look at the actual numbers involved with Vogue’s September issue — and they are staggering.  Take for instance the 658 ad pages taking up marketing space on the issue’s 916 pages.  And then do the math.  At $165,000 per one-page ad, that’s a pretty penny for brands looking to garner the attention of the nearly 1.25 million circulation numbers — even if their was some “I’ll wash your hand if you’ll wash mind-ish business between Ms. Wintour’s famed tome and designers.”

It’s on stands now… so if you only buy one 1.2″ thick, 4.62 pound, Lady Gaga bedazzled fashion mag this you… you’re going to want to rush out get this one.

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Fashion’s Night Out Celeb Filled PSA

karlie ross


With FNO being right around the corner in every city that knows anything and maybe just a little about everything to do with fashion, we can’t help but get giddy with excitement as though we’re all prepping for Christmas. The sales will be spectacular but so will the charity.

In an FNO video directed by Trey Laird and Norman Jean Roy, designers and celebs appear in their exclusive FNO shirts (sold during the fabulous day of fashion of course) encouraging you to get yours too to which will support the New York City Aids Fund.

See the video at Vogue.com.


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September Issues Reveal A Feast of Fashion Campaigns

The big buzz in fashion right now is all about those beloved (and weighty) September issues.  From Vogue’s announcement that Sept. 2012 would be their biggest issue yet clocking in at a staggering 658 pages, to Elle magazine’s Katy Perry-covered issue reveal of 400 pages of advertisements alone — could it be that fashion mags are making a comeback?

And speaking of advertisements, the big reveal of design houses luxe fall campaigns are generally a big business for those post-Labor Day issues, and we here at PoshBeauty want to join the ranks of beauty sites sneak peeking the best of.  So here they are, some of the best and brightest advertisements from fall’s couture campaigns.

Louis Vuitton back on the Train

Terry Richardson Shoots A Tastefully Sexy Jimmy Choo

Mila Kunis as Miss Dior

Fifty Shades of Marc New York

Lara Stone's Sexy Calvin Klein Part Deux

Kate Moss for Salvatore Ferragamo

Brian Atwood Tall Cool Boot

Mulberry goes 'Wild'

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Lana Del Rey Continues to Climb the Fashion Ladder

Lana Del Rey for H&M

The world continues to be completely enamored with indie singer/ fashion muse Lana Del Rey with visual confirmation that the artist will indeed be starring in H&M’s latest worldwide fall campaign — and we can expect a second winter campaign too.  Having already inspired her own Mulberry bag and appeared on the cover of British Vogue, the reveal of H&M’s campaign isn’t a big surprise (not to mention that it’s been rumored for a while), but it is a stylish one.

Del Rey brings her trademark retro-appeal to today’s campaign reveal wearing a pale pink angora-blend sweater, wax coated jeans and a seriously bouffant-ed long, long hair-do (think early Priscilla Presley.)  Add the starlets well-known pointed manicure and heavily lined come-hither stare and you’ll find yourself thinking of an earlier and darkly glamorous Hollywood era, which is just what H&M had in mind.

“The mood is very LA noir,” said H&M creative director Donald Schneider.  Yep.  We get it.

Del Rey also recorded a cover of “Blue Velvet” for an H&M miniflim to be released at their website on Sept. 19th, in which we can speculate we’ll see more of the pop-star playing sulking sexy starlet.  VogueH&M campaign, and her own bag?  Despite harsh criticism of her actual craft, Lana Del Rey seems to be doing just fine.

Lana Del Rey for H&M

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Emma Stone Covers Vogue July 2012


In her first Vogue cover, Spider-Man’s leading lady Emma Stone looks absolutely stunning in a lacy negligee-style dress donning a coat by Nina Ricci. Her blonde hair frames the gentleness of her cheekbones giving us a soft entry into the true nature of the actress.

“From Funny Girl To ‘Spider-Man”s Leading Lady,” we’re expecting to learn more about the 23 year old’s rise to fame narrative inside the story that hasn’t yet hit newsstands.

While we were able to get sneak peak at the leaked cover, we’ll have to wait for the arrival of the magazine to check out her awesome shoot. The funny girl is a bombshell on the red carpet so we’re expecting nothing less than awe-inspiring photos and amazing looks we’ll want to emulate.

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Zac Posen Resort 2013

zac posen black dress


zac posen white suit

Images Courtesy of Vogue

Zac Posen gives us lots of glamour in his 2013 resort collection. His spin on the traditional suit and lofty gowns bring a nuance to the typical beach wear we were expecting for summer. Having returned from a trip to Singapore where the weather was a hot and humid natural sauna, Posen was inspired by the regal women who still rocked gowns, corsets and suits in such extreme temperatures.

The line features fishtail skirts, chiffon dresses and hues of blue and purple for opulence that’s hard to miss. Discover the collection below.

zac posen purple coat


zac posen flower blue


zac posen lilac suit

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