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Louis Vuitton’s Dream Commercial With Mos Def (Or Whatever He Changed His Name To)

muhammad ali

We’re pretty used to rappers changing their name. Diddy changed his a few times within the last decade and rap mogul Jay-Z has so many aliases we’ve lost count. Next to the plate is rapper Mos Def who has decided to bring us something new (and something we can barely pronounce) with a fresh the fresh new name Yassin Bey.

So why is this fashion news you ask our dear Posh Beauties?¬†We’re glad you asked! Louis Vuitton recently rolled out a partnership with Muhammad Ali celebrating his life and legacy in a phenomenal advertisement featuring Mos Def/Yassin Bey spitting rhymes in poetry form that are comprised of famous Ali quotes.


Check out the hottness below:


Louis Vuitton “Dream” – Directed by Stuart McIntyre from Steam Films on Vimeo.

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