Tame Your Brows With Eyebrow Gel

With the advent of eyebrows going from perfectly tweezed definition to hands-off au natural, a new beauty quandry is on the rise. How does a gal keep her over-the-eye fringe boldly beautiful while keeping that put together visage? Two words: eyebrow gel.

Whether you stick with the clear brow setting formulas or veer into the territory of the softly tinted gels on the market, eyebrow gel is a must-have in your eyebrow arsenal if the goal is keeping your bushy new brows from looking unkempt. The secret to choosing a good arches-in-place product is as simple as knowing your hair type, and trust us, there is a formula for every type of brow. Seriously bushy brows will benefit from a strong eyebrow gel like the tried and true Make Up For Ever Brow Seal ($18) that will tame even the wildest, wrong direction growth. While thin, sparse brows will benefit from a lighter formula with a less stiff finish like Blinc Eyebrow Mousse ($24).

The answer is as simple as rushing off to Sephora to sample a few eyebrow gels and see what works for you.


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