Taming That Fro You Grow

Whether you’re rocking a TWA (teeny weeny afro – beauty speak for natural girls) or a full blown Angela Davis-like afro, it’s not always an option to get up and go. That fro still needs to be cared for, styled and covered in love.

Check out tips to keep your Afro rearing on the side of ferociousness:

head scarf

G-Wrap Hair Scarf - $14.99

Night Time Loving - You’ll still need to pull out that satin cap or scarf to keep moisture locked in. Don’t let your pillow take advantage of your hair. Keep your hydration where it belongs…. in your gorgeous hair!

coconut oil

Nature's Way Coconut Oil

Moisture Moxie – Don’t let your fro turn into a victim of ash-fever.  A dry and brittle afro is a fire hazard, not a fashion statement. Hydrate your tresses regularly with olive, coconut or jojoba oil for shine and splendor.

Wide tooth comb

Diane Shampoo Comb

Combing Sensations – Always comb your hair the right way. What is the “right way” you ask? With a wide tooth comb that won’t rip out your hair at the root! Small combs made for parting have no purpose for de-tangling your tresses. The wider the better!

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