TEA PARTY BEAUTY: h.wood.tea.house Branches Into Cosmetics

  • by Corrie Shenigo
  • posted at 5:00 pm
  • November 11, 2010


For those of you in the know, h.wood.tea.room is the ultra exclusive VIP room in Los Angeles well-known for serving up a fushion of global tea traditions including spiked “Prohibition teas”.  So imagine how excited I was to learn over my own morning tea that this exciting brand had decided to branch off into the beauty world with a distinct line of tea-based cosmetics.

It makes perfect sense, no?  Think anti-oxidant rich product with ultra-pure ingredients (essential oils and natural shea, avocado and cocoa butters) – simply good enough to eat.  *Fo’ realz… you really can take a taste!

h.wood.beauty's Hand & Body Vanilla Caramel Scrub

h.wood.beauty (that’s the new moniker) includes scrubs that mimic the famed-tea houses own tea blends.  Think deliciously: Coconut Chai, Green Apple, and Pom-Rose.  Their collection of makeup products star a range of Lip Shine Pots, sheer and matte lipsticks, Mineral Powder Foudnation and the ultra-luxe organic Melt T Glow candle that melts itself into a creamy hand and body lotion.

h.wood.beauty Cosmetics Collection

Even sans the Mad Hatter, this is one tea party that even Alice would be loathe to miss!

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