That’s “Mr. Bathing Ape” to You Sir

Whether it’s putting an imprint of a watch on the sleeve of a Turnbull & Asser shirt or an outline of a mustache on penny loafers, you can expect the graduates of streetwear to put an interesting twist on classic clothing. And that’s just what Nigo, formerly of Bathing Ape, has managed to do with his new line Mr Bathing Ape. I remember Bathing Apes mostly for their plastic looking shoes that looked to come from the closet of the Harajuku from Japan. Never bought any myself, but I still respected the brand as a reputable fashion name.

From three piece suits, to leather shoes, the Spring/Summer 2011 collection is tasteful and the definite highlight items are the silk ties featuring the iconic BAPE camouflage in various colors and the aforementioned shoes. The interesting thing is how restrained most of the collection is in comparison to what we have become accustomed to from a Bathing Ape line. You could say it’s Nigo growing up but essentially it’s Ralph Lauren gone streetwear. All of the items are currently on offer at MR PORTER online store if you would like to get some of these trendy duds yourself.

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