The Adventure Begins: New de Grisogono Tondo By Night Watches


It’s Friday night. You’re looking like a million, your heels are just the right height (5 inches of course) and that guy you’ve been exchanging passionate looks with all night feels the same pulse of the DJ’s beat surrounding the club. Time stops and in that moment you’re the only girl in the world (sorry Rihanna). Feel the music. Feel the moment. Now dance. Your hands raise in the air in celebration of the sound and your guy of the night, who has slowly been walking over to join you on the dance floor, takes notice of that brightly hued time piece sitting on your wrist. The night is yours.

A Midsummer nights dream (or hookup, we won’t judge) plays well with de Grisogono’s new collection Tondo by Night, which brings to life Andy Warhol’s  famous quarter-hour of fame with an original twist. Keep your sparkle by day and get your glow on at night with these watches that light up from the inside illuminating with bold colors and precious stones.

Set the scene off with this watch collection that comes in six different shades, perfect for matching right along with your favorite lipstick or mani / pedi combo.  Get your love affair on with a Tondo by Night watch and fall in love with the magic.



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