• by Corrie Shenigo
  • posted at 5:47 pm
  • November 23, 2010

While merchandising is no big surprise when it comes to big blockbuster films, it generally entails toys, action figures and possibly a t-shirt or two.  But as shoppers are getting more savvy and marketers are expanding their range – they’ve come to realize that beauty buyers want in on the game too. I’m mean… really.  (Isn’t make-up, hair and fashion a big part of making a movie?) It just makes sense.

'Burlesque' starring Cher and Christina Aguilera

It’s hard not to notice this burgeoning trend with Urban Decay and Disney’s collaboration with Alice in Wonderland beauty products, Disney’s Tron-inspired couture collection (available at Disney’s Tron Pop-Up shops only) and M.A.C.’s Disney ‘Venomous Villians’ Cosmetics Collection (see our October 6th blog post) – and the release of this month’s Burlesque (starring Cher and Christina Aguilera) is fashionably following suit.

Smashbox's 'Burlesque' Inspired Capsule Collection

Smashbox has created a unique ‘Burlesque’-inspired Capsule Collection ($35) that is more than capable (read: colorful) to create the dramatic look of the film, but equally accessible for those seeking a daytime appropriate look.  This limited-edition set is comprised of a black eyeliner; gray, eggplant, shimmering pink and beige eye shadows; a double-wanded pink/red lip gloss; and a loose golden pink shimmer powder.

Make-Up Forever's 'Burlesque'-inspired Cosmetics

Not one to be left out of the dramatic-game, Make-Up Forever has also unleashed a Capsule Collection inspired by the film.  Available from Dec. 21 – mid-January, this line is a limited edition set which (according to WWD) will be comprised of a set of theatrical false lashes ($20), a red lipstick ($26), and a diamond powder shadow ($29).

OPI's 'Burlesque'-inspired Holiday 2010 Nail Lacquer Collection

Though we don’t see any nail polishes included in either SmashBox’s or Make-Up Forever’s releases, OPI has stepped up to fill that void with their sparkly ‘Burlesque’ Series.  Think 12 gloriously glittery shades, like the gold-glitter polish ‘Bring on the Bling’, and the fuchsia-glitter polish’ Show It and Glow It’.  And while each shade is certainly available in OPI’s full size bottles ($8 each), they’ve also made it convenient to try them all with their ‘Burlesque’ Little Teaser’s Mini Nail Lacquers set ($9).

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