The Best Ways to Eliminate Hair Breakage

No one likes to see a fist-full of hair in the bathroom sink after a thorough combing. And neither do we! Is your hair suffering from excessive shedding and not-so fabulous breakage that’s causing a hair tragedy? Don’t fret! Fight back with the best products to reduce the damage and save your hair!

Nexxus Hair System

You’ve been doing your hair a disservice if you haven’t been faithful with regular trims to banish split ends. Take control of your hair care routine from the comfort of your hair with the Nexxus ProMend line recommended by celebrity stylist Kevin Mancuso. The line works to re-bind up to 92 percent of split ends back together for healthy-looking hair you won’t have to hide.

Deva Curl for Divas

When you’ve tortured your hair beyond repair with curling irons, flat irons, blow dryers and too much heat styling it’s time to step away. Try Deva Curl’s Heaven in Hair deep treatment to give moisture back to your main and keep the hydration locked in. Bring back dull, dry and stressed hair that will shine like new.

Silk or Satin

Night time can spell doomsday for healthy tresses. Your cotton pillowcase could be sucking much needed moisture out of your hair causing brittle, dry and rough hair that breaks without warning. Sleep with a satin or silk scarf on your head or try these materials as a pillowcase. They won’t rob your hair of natural oils and will keep your ‘do looking fresh for another day of beauty.

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