The Cardigan for Men

What’s the deal with cardigans, you ask? They’re fashionable and timeless, that’s what! They took a turn as the ultimate preppy item back in the Eighties and, a decade later, stepped in as a grunge staple. When American Apparel starting selling slim-fit cardis in bright colors and patterns in the Twenty-first century, it gave rise to a new set of hipsters, hip-hop stars, and street savvy urbanites who gave the classic look a new interpretation. All these have resulted in what we have today: a fashionable, versatile cardigan.
Fashion history disregarded, the cardigan has remained as a stylish option because it provides so much versatility. It offers warmth without being too stifling; and is a great layering option for T-shirts, collared shirts, and even works well with a tie. There’s nothing that fits more occasions as appropriately as a debonair cardigan.
It also is an item that works well with all ages. For a more classic, adult approach, try sticking to grays, navy or dark brown color bases. Thick collars only add to a more classic approach and lend way to a Steve McQueen look. For a younger interpretation: go slim or go loud. Argyle patterns are great during the winter and bright colors work well during warmer months. The Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 2010 collection featured a range of purple, red and taupe-striped cashmere cardigans, and would pair perfectly with understated shirts and pants.

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