The CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Winners Create T-Shirts for Starbucks

Endorsement deals and celebrity collaborations are the way of the future it seems. You can’t watch one commercial or pass a billboard where there isn’t some sort of celebrity from A-List to D-List helping to sell the brand. Here is another collaboration I thought would be interesting to share. The CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund has asked the winners to design a series a T-shirts for Starbucks 40th birthday.

Each of the winners which included Alexander Wang, Sophie Theallet, and Billy Reid, all created limited edition T-Shirts for the global coffee brand to sell at their stores.

Wang decided to create a fun shirt that looks like coffee was spilled on it. “The first thing we thought of was what everyone tries to avoid—spilled coffee on a t-shirt,” he said. “This turned into the design, hoping people would have fun with it.”

Theallet was “inspired by the global community and all the connections involved around a cup of Starbucks coffee.” She created the T-shirt that looks like a map- but a trendy one that actually looks wearable.

Billy Reid created a more classic approach to a brand shirt, using the starbucks woman that is in all of their logos.  “We were inspired by the iconic images and American success story of Starbucks over the past 40 years. We wanted a certain broken-in quality that looks great worn inside out, is a bit antiqued in spirit, and ready for wear immediately.”

The T-shirts launch today and are being sold for $85 at StarbucksStore.com and various Nordstrom locations.

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