The Duluth Pack

I have been on a search lately for a nice new bag. Something lightweight, kind of school boy, and interesting. Here is a company I found to be very intriguing.

Founded in 1882 by Camille Poirer in Duluth, Minnesota. In the 1870s Camille started a small shoe store, then in 1882 filed for a patent on a new type of “packsack.” It was a canvas sack, that closed had a buckled flap, and shoulder straps. It was known as the Poirer Pack, and is now called the original Duluth Pack. Here is a copy of an original sketch of the Duluth Pack.


The Scout Pack (seen below) is a classic! It is my favorite because of how light, simple, and easy it is to carry around. It definitely has that school boy look I am going for, and because it is canvas it makes it ideal for the coming months. The colors are great for any outfit and thier seemingly understated craftsmanship shows a true sign of a quality bag. Another great reason to check this company out is because all of their bags are hand made and  hand signed at their factory in Duluth, MN, and the products come with a lifetime guarantee! I’m sold!


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