FN Shoe Star Get A Ratings Boost With Fergie!

Fergie makes a guest appearance on FN Shoe Star

I believe most people have a guilty pleasure for reality t.v., or maybe I should speak for myself. There are so many shows out there that can be just mush for our brains, but sometimes there are a couple that come along that can be entertaining and have a little content.

With that said, there is a web-based reality show or series of webisodes called The FN Shoe Star, where six FIT (Fashion Institude of Technology) students who were chosen from a larger group of entrants by the editors of Footwear News,  compete against one another to become the next FN Shoe Star.  The contestants are Accessories Design students from FIT, and the show will be following each of five competitive challenges given to them. One contestant will be eliminated until the champion is selected during the final round in early June.  The first place winner will be crowned the next FN Shoe Star and win a design position with Brown Shoe.

Catch up on the previous episodes, but especially my favorite episode when Fergie makes a guest appearance and has the contestants create a shoe for her line. Check out all of the webisodes and fun fan contests and more at FN Shoe Star!

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