“The Game” Scores With Premiere and Style

It seems as though the entire world tuned in on Tuesday night to see the season premier of “The Game.” The show was cancelled by the CW back in 2008 with angry fans posting comments and rallying for it’s revival. BET picked up the show with over 7 million people excited to tune in!

Packed with juicy story lines, entertaining scenarios and larger-than-life characters, The Game not only made its mark on the tv screen but also across the beauty and fashion world.

Wendy Raquel Robinson and Tia Mowry

The ladies of the show set off the sexy with uber style and sophistication. With lots of promotion under their belt and visits to “The Wendy Show”, both Wendy Raquel Robinson (who plays Tasha Mack) and Tia Mowry (who plays Melanie) keep impressing their audiences with sleek looks and fashion forward wardrobes. Whoever runs their closet deserves five stars!

Robinson shows off sexy back in elegant dress

The show, created by Mara Brock Akil of Girlfriends, is something like a fictional version of what reality-TV shows like Football Wives and Basketball Wives are supposed to be: an inside look at the women behind the players on the field (www.theroot.com).

Tia Mowry in over the knee unstructured dress

We’re excited to see what fashions and styles these ladies come up with as the season continues.

What did you think about the premiere episode?

Love and Beauty,

Sherrell Dorsey

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