The Gift of Gaga

This holiday season don’t bother with jewelry, spa coupons or fruitcake when visiting your family for dinner. Give your friends and monsters the gift of Gaga who has geniusly partnered with Barney’s New York for a Nightmare Before Christmas theme promo event featuring some of Gaga’s favorite things.

A floor at the legendary Madison Avenue store in NYC will be turned into Gaga’s Workshop which will house different stations including: a giant wig that will house fake nails and other beauty items; a Gaga-faced spider holding jewelry; a giant pop-up book for the books; and a sculptural candy shop.

If you’re not fortunate to experience the magic in New York, get in on the fun online on the Gaga’s Workshop microsite. Barneys is donating 25% of all sales to Gaga’s newly-minted Born This Way Foundation, which “aims to empower youth and promote equality through programs on antibullying, self-confidence, mentoring and career development”.

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