The Good Smelling Man

You know how sometimes we go out and we forget to our cologne, or we are just a little worried about how much we move because we don’t want to begin sweating because and begin to smell like deodorant or even worse… body odor? Well apparently someone was worried about this enough to design a shirt to battle this little problem.

The Otoko Kaoru – which literally translates as the good smelling man is what this fragrance shirt is called. The collar of the shirt is embedded with special micro capsules which releases fragrance as soon as it rubs with the skin. The subtle smell is designed to release slowly and can only be smelt when the shirt is worn.

The shirts are going to cost around $35, so that’s rather affordable too. The shirt actually promises to give out scent after up to 10 washes – I’d love to try this shirt out to see if all the hype is worth it!

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