The Great Gatsby Spawns A Boots No 7 Limited Edition Line

Nowadays it seems a cross-promotional pairing between a movie and makeup is the thing to do, and with anticipation building for the October release of Baz Luhrmann’s epic adaptation of The Great Gatsby, we’re a little surprised that it’s taken this long.  But it’s finally happened: the reveal of a makeup collection inspired by those gorgeous fluttering flappers of the 20′s, namely Gatsby star Cary Mulligan’s turn as the novel’s heroine “Daisy.”

A still from Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby

UK-based beauty brand Boots No 7 is set to launch a whole line of Gatsby-themed makeup, including nail polish, liner, lipsticks, a smoky eye-shadow palette, and a powder highlighter — all packaged in an era-specific art deco style.  The collection called Deco Darling, will coincide with the film’s release, and was created in collaboration with celebrity makeup artist Lisa Eldridge.  Available from Oct. 31st through Dec. 25th, this limited-edition line will be priced from $15 – $18, and is a solid bet to see you through the holiday party season!

A few picks from Boots No 7 Deco Darling Collection

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