The Hunger Games Pairs With Net-A-Porter

If you’ve ever pined for Katniss Everdeen’s grunge to ball gown glamour or Effie Trinket’s fabulously tricked out frocks, today collaboration announcement is going to make you very, very happy.  Net-a-Porter has announced its intention to launch an exclusive The Hunger Games collection with the film’s award-winning costume designer Trish Summerville.

For those of you concerned that Net-A-Porter has turned a commercialized corner towards a popular YA film’s franchise and will likely reveal little else than kitchy costumes and unwearable pieces, take heed — the e-commerce giant’s fashion director, Holli Rogers, explained the deal saying, “Our customers take their style cues from myriad sources, from the latest runway shows and street trends to TV and film. Fashion plays an important role in The Hunger Games series and is especially prevalent in Catching Fire, and fans of the franchise will see the film reference in the collection.”

“This is also brilliant fashion in its own right,” assured Rogers, “and we’re delighted to provide our customers with the chance to purchase limited-edition pieces designed by one of the most original costume designers in the industry today.”


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