The Kardashians Launch Eyelash Collection

The bold and beautiful Kardashians strike again and this time they’re batting lashes as their empire continues to grow. We slightly envy their ability to bitch slap the fashion industry in the face and take it over with collections that have women flocking to the streets to grab. Their latest collection you ask? The Khorma collection which features a line of Heavy Gaze lashes offering lenthy glamour with a feathery look.

The brand will attempt to “resonate strongly with multi-ethnic women of all ages who aspire to the Kardashian style of beauty,” according to a press release for the cosmetics line.

The Kardazzled kits will be available just in time for holiday shopping with mascaras and lashes in a wide variety of assortments. Be ready to hit the red carpet or holiday office party looking like Kim, Khloe and Kourtney. You know…. if that’s your thing.


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