“The Karlie” — Can Kloss’ New Cut Out-Do “The Rachel”?

Noted beauty news outlets are exclaiming that 20-year old Karlie Kloss’ new do has toppled that 90′s copy-cat hair-do “The Rachel” that everyone but Jennifer Aniston seemed to like.

Kloss recently chopped off her luscious supermodel locks into a kicky blunt with bangs cut and announced, “It’s…it’s…‘the Karlie.’ It’s the Karlie!  I want women to someday go in to the hair salon and say, ‘I want the Karlie.’” And it seems the fact that she did it without fear of losing the scads of couture and beauty contracts, and film offers that she’s enjoyed thus far, makes it clear that Kloss has the clout to make it so.

Miss Kloss recently told beauty website Into the Gloss what the act of cutting her hair symbolized to her, “I think a woman’s confidence is in her hair. It’s true! When you change your hair, everything sort of changes. It affects the way you act, the way you dress…your hair is a very very influential part of your style. And a woman with a great haircut can wear a paper bag and look amazing. …this cut, just by itself, is such a style. I love it; I feel like I’m changing… I don’t know, I’m finding who I am. I’m twenty years old, I’m entering a new phase of my life; I bought a house! I sign the papers tomorrow. There’s a lot of change happening in my life right now. It’s a new haircut for a new decade.”

Indeed… but will this cut launch a thousand emulative ships? We shall see!

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