The Lazy Gal’s Guide To Terrific Skin

From expensive eye-creams, moisturizers, and serums, to time-consuming daily skin care regimens—great looking skin doesn’t come without a price. Or does it? A recent issue article in Allure magazine cued us in on a few DIY-tips and tricks to help shave time off of your skincare routine without giving up any of the benefits. Calling it the “Lazy Girls Guide: Skin-care Shortcuts,” the lady mag offers up a slew of tips to help keep you looking great without missing out on any of the summer seasons fun. Naturally, our interest was piqued… and we knew yours would be too. Here are five of our favorite multi-tasking tricks to keep you looking fabulous without cutting into that oh-so-busy social schedule.

1. Staying out too late or enjoying one to many poolside cocktails, the summer is rife with opportunities to sport excessive undereye baggage and puffiness. Allure cues us in that anything chilled—even that Diet Coke you’re sipping—can be used to depuff your peepers.

2. Summer is a prime time to damage your delicate dermis, but a layer of antioxidant serum under your daily slathering of SPF can help protect you from the suns damaging rays. Extra bonus: they tend to stick around on your skin, so you can even apply them every other day.

3. There’s no need to book that time- and cost-consuming facial, when you can steam your way to a soft healthy glow anywhere. Allure even alludes to the benefits of steaming with the help of your dishwasher. Clean dishes + soft, dewey skin = a multi-tasking dream!

4. Dry skin is a serious no-no. Help avoid a flaky facade by popping a daily 1,000 milligram flaxseed-oil supplement to help your skin retain moisture.

5. Admit it. You’ve been guilty of dragging your party-pooped self to bed without washing your face. Unfortunately, that’s a prime cause of dull, tired looking skin. Instead of skipping your nightly suds-up, invest in a tub of cleansing cloths and keep them next to your bed. A simple once-over with one is a better bet than not washing at all.

Stay beautiful… and party on.

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