The Life of a Makeup Artist: Tara Loren

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Tara Lorèn is a Celebrity Makeup Artist and Beauty Expert, who knows all the latest beauty trends and how they translate to the average everyday girl . Her eye for clean, natural, flawless makeup lends itself to glamour and beauty looks, and her ability to think outside the box,  makes her one of the “go-to” makeup artists for Comedy based work. She does make up for clients in film and TV shows in HD including the cast of “For A Good Time, Call…”, actors on “True Blood”, and AMC’s “The Killing”, to magazine shoots, and commercials for major clients including Trident, Toyota, One-a-Day Vitamin, BMW, Old Spice, and more.


What has been your most memorable moment working in the beauty industry?

One of my most memorable moments would have to be having the opportunity to attend Sundance 2012 with the film “For A Good Time, Call…” that I was key makeup artist for. I got our beautiful actresses, Lauren Miller and Ari Grayor ready for a day of press as well as for our premiere there. The premiere was amazing! We received 2 standing ovations, I was holding back tears the entire time, especially when Lauren, Ari, our director Jamie Travis, co-writer Katie Ann Naylon and the rest of the cast went on stage for a Q&A session. It was exhilarating; I can’t wait to have another experience like that!


How do you stay inspired as an entrepreneur and business owner?

I stay inspired to keep pushing myself and my career knowing no one else is going to do it for me. This is what I’ve set out to do and it’s certainly not an easy road but I know that all that I’ve done and accomplished has been due to my hard work and perseverance. When I actually take a moment to step back and acknowledge that (which is rare), it makes me smile and keep striving for more.


Where do you see the future of the beauty industry going for professionals like yourself?

Well, I’m not sure 10 years ago we could have predicted the enormous success of youtube tutorials and these amazing beauty blogs that help connect professionals directly to the everyday woman, to be able to answer her skin, beauty and fashion questions almost immediately. We used to have to wait for out favorite monthly magazine to find out the next hot trend. Now it’s at our fingertips. I can’t full predict anything at this point but I know for sure we are an ever-evolving industry that isn’t about to slow down anytime in the foreseeable future. There are always advances in chemistry driving the industry forward; we have access to information that didn’t exist decades ago and that makes for some exciting changes in what we apply to our faces and bodies!!



Who were your mentors and how did they assist you as you built your career?

I haven’t personally had one specific mentor along the way, I’ve done a lot of things on my own, however there have been MANY instrumental people that have given me invaluable knowledge and advice, from older more experienced makeup artists, to producers, directors and actors. I try to learn as much as I can from everyone and I like to know how other parts of the industry I work in work. Every job and every person on a set whether it’s a film set, a photo shoot, etc. has a specific, important job and is there for a reason. I like to learn from each of them



Describe your favorite beauty industry job experience and what made it memorable:

One particular experience that always stands out as a wonderful one was working with Will Ferrell, Don Cheadle and Zooey Deachannel on a comedy series, “Drunk History” for “Funny or Die presents” (HBO) that my dear friend Derek Waters created. I had spent roughly 6 hours the day prior making and prepping 2 separate wigs that Don Cheadle wears. It’s always so satisfying to watch a shot of him approaching camera, gently touching his hair (my wig) and making it a key feature to the scene. He couldn’t have been a nicer, more professional actor to work with. And Will!! Will Ferrell is truly the best! I’ve had the opportunity to work with him twice and each time he was such a lovely, kind man. We had chats about his family, my family, just a genuinely cool guy. Getting to work on the beautiful Zooey Deschannel was such a treat! However I didn’t exactly have the chance to do something glamorous on her, as she was playing Abraham Lincoln’s wife, Mary Todd. All in all we had such a great, fun day and it is one that’s on my list as one of the best times.



What does it mean to be service oriented?

It means listening to what your client is asking for, then using your professional knowledge and experience to execute it. It’s always important that the person I’m working with or for feels as though their requests have been respected.


What has been your most valuable lesson working in this industry?

Always be kind, you never know who you may be speaking to. And smile- especially at the grumpiest looking person in the room, chances are they’re just stressed and a simple smile can change the day for them. My job is really about making the people around be feel their best, even if I’m not doing their makeup specifically.


What is your advice for anyone looking to break into this industry?


Work as much as you can, on as many faces and skin types as you can and don’t just stick with one style of makeup. Say yes and be open to all the new experiences that come your way. Sometimes the ones that may seem small turn out to be the ones that lead to the next big step in your career.

Learn more about Tara Loren at http://www.taraloren.com/.

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