The Next Big Thing: Brush Up Your Brow

Once merely an afterthought, brows are big again… big in the literal sense of the word, and big on the trend-watching beauty front.

If you watch the runways as much for the makeup as for the clothing, you’ll have noticed that brows are bold, bushy, and *gasp* brushed up. You can see the spark of this trend on Spring 2014 Theyskens’ Theory show, as well as on Rodarte’s 2014 fluffed brows, that Jamie Kaliardos called “quite hairy, animal-like, and wild.” And did we mention youthful?

Makeup artists agree that a wild, brushed up brow gives the polish of the season’s red pout a decidedly youthful and untamed look — while lifting your expression and opening up your whole face. Where did we put that brow gel?!

Brows are a far cry from the well-coiffed eye-fringe of the not-so-recent past. So let us know, are you ready to throw caution to the wind and brush up you brow?

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