The Real Deal on Natural Hair Coloring

Color blocking is in this season and your shoes, accessories and apparel aren’t the only items you can spruce up with color. Natural hair coloring can give your tresses new life without the harsh side-effects or exposure to dangerous chemicals. But before you go and dip into the dye, know the pros and cons of natural hair coloring.


While you’re stepping up your sexy you’re also protecting your health. Typical hair dyes contain at least 22 potentially carcinogenic chemicals that are banned in the European Union but are still being used in the U.S. Dyes like Acid Orange 24 and 2,3-Naphthalenediol, have been linked to bladder cancer. Eeek!

If the potential cancer exposure isn’t enough to stir you the fact that most natural hair-dyes are allergy free should. So no irritation or breakouts from colors made from clays and vegetables.


Don’t plan on much coverage from a natural hair color. It won’t cover up those dreadful grey hairs nor give your hair a dramatic change. So that Nicki Minaj-style pink color you were going for is a no go indeed.

Weigh your options and speak with your hair stylist about how you can get on this season’s trend and stay fierce and fabulous with the right hair color.

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