The Right Way to Care for Your Unmentionables

hand washing bras


There should really be a class in femininity. Not necessarily one that deals with etiquette and how to balance a book on your head or use the right fork. We’re talking about how to take care of girly things like your undies that most of us neglect. Taking care of your bra can help it last and keep it in tact for long lasting wear.

Detergent Duty

Our bras can hold on to perfume, sweat and other debris from our bodies so keeping them clean is an absolute must. Wash your lacy ladies in a zippered mesh bag with an all-purpose detergent regularly and air dry.

Fine and Fancy

Your delicates need some extra attention and even more gently care. You’ll need to wash with delicate-specific soaps for fine lingerie and machine wash on the gentle cycle. But don’t toss them in with your towels or any other heavier items. Let them be in a spin cycle all their own and try detergents like Woolite, Ivory Snow or Lingerie Mate which are gentle on your most¬†precious¬†boudoir attire.

Hand Jobs

Get intimate with your intimates by taking them along with you in the shower and hand washing them with a gentle shampoo. You’ll only need a pea size amount to wash and let them air dry.

Take care of your undergarments to make your fabrics last and to keep the shape in tact.

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