The Row Goes Ephemera Chic

  • by Corrie Shenigo
  • posted at 5:03 pm
  • June 15, 2011

The Row 2012 Resort Collection

Designing duo Ashley and Mary-Kate Olson have come a long way in their battle to be taken seriously by the couture scene. From 90′s child stars, to fashion “it” girls, to designers of some note, these two gals have done a magnificent 180°, landing their label The Row on some of the this season’s “best of” lists. The Row’s 2012 Resort Collection gives us prime visual evidence of their triumphant transformation.

The Row's 2012 Resort Collection

Taking a decided turn from their trademark boho chic look, The Row has instead aimed an of-the-moment nod to ephemera, taking what’s old and turning it new again with the glamorous 1920′s-30′s. The gals have incorporated boxy suit jackets (and any number of jacket cuts in between), low slung waists and flowy, ultra-wide legged pants, leaning heavily on the ladies-as-men look worn with such aplomb by starlets of this fashionable bygone era. Lacy little gloves, nude hued socks, fedoras and the occasional parasol helped to set this visual scene, but the actual designs spoke just fine for themselves.

The Row's 2012 Resort Collection

The Row's 2012 Resort Collection

Of course, it wasn’t all boxy, loose-fitting fare. The Row also incorporated a prim figure-flattering tweed day dress and a few ethereal slip-like sheaths in creamy shades of white.

The Row's 2012 Resort Collection

The Row's 2012 Resort Collection

While so many other designers have opted for bright, bold hues for their Resort collection palettes, The Row’s pint-size purveyors of chic have stayed decidedly understated in the category of colorsticking mainly to a palette of black, white, browns and navy (including some nautical-looking stripes.)

All in all, The Row’s 2012 Resort Collection is another winner for the tabloid twins with its bold, relevant cuts, understated color, and ultra-pretty, appropriate nods to a bygone era. Well done ladies.

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