The Tracee Ellis Ross Guide to Chicness

With a hit new show coming to BET (Reed Between the Lines), a head full of curls we all secretly envy (come on admit it) and flawless style we all aspire to have, Ms. Tracee Ellis Ross is a rarity in Hollywood. But who would expect anything less from the daughter of one of the greatest entertainers alive?

Whether she’s gracing the red carpet or doing a photo shoot for a magazine, Ross’ style is the epitome of class and sophistication. Take notes from the beauty and fashion icon on maintaining her chic!

  • Where to shop for basics - Zara and American Apparel
  • Managing curly hair – Brush hair while wet with a conditioner to detangle. Rinse and you won’t have to brush again until the next wash.
  • Workout solutions - The Tracy Anderson method and online ballet classes at BalletBeautiful.com
  • On developing your style – Buy what makes your heart sing
  • Accessorizing your look – Take two things off before you leave the house
  • Sex appeal – Don’t show both chest and leg. Choose one. It’s much classier

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