The Trench Coat

If you’re only going to add one thing to your wardrobe this year, make it a tailored trench coat – in a neutral color like khaki or navy blue. Try to get a cut similar to the one I am showing you. If you are looking for a lower price tag check out H&M and Zara, and if you don’t mind spending the dough try D&G or Ralph Lauren which are always tailored immaculately.

It goes with just about everything and because they are usually cut a little bigger (to fit over a suit), they are a perfect last layer to throw over anything from a blazer to a denim jacket. Not only will you look more appropriate (and slightly bad-ass like Brad Pitt in Oceans 12) and be more comfortable when it rains, a good trench will also dramatically increase the life of your outerwear that is not meant to get wet. Pair this with your favorite rain boots and a nice umbrella and you will pray for a rainy day to come so that you show off your rain outfit!

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