Theophilus London for Cole Haan

Advertisements are always an interesting thing to me. Especially fashion advertisements because of how narrow minded the fashion industry can be sometimes when it comes to marketing to all demographics. They tell so much about the company and their mindset. They can tell you who the company is trying to target by who is in the ad and by what they look like. Here is an advertisment campaign that I kept seeing on the lower east side of NYC where all of the hipsters, and trendsetters live. I felt like it was created to target people like me and I paid attention.  I love the ad. I love the artist used in the campaign, and most of all I love these shoes! I need some for Spring!

Meet Theophilus London and artist on the rise. This rapper, singer, songwriter, DJ, and producer takes an eclectic approach to making music. with eclectic music that ranges from soul-pop and post-punk to electro and R&B. This MC expresses his creative curiosity in his songs and his sartorial style. Check him out… Theophilus London

Oh and Check out these shoes too! Cole Haan

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