Three Trends To Try Now Before They Expire

Summer is full of fun-loving, trend-setting looks that, come September, will have decidedly jumped the shark.  It seems every season there is a smattering of trends that, while decidedly of-the-moment in June, rapidly decline into late-summer don’ts.  So while the getting’s good, it’s best to try our top-three hot-now, but-soon-to-be-dismissed styles — before it’s simply to late.

People magazine’s top look to try now is the floral crown that wove it’s way into the locks of countless music-fest ladies and accompanied one Ms. Ashley Green down the red carpet.  A youthful and springy accessory to be sure… but dangerously teetering towards wood-nymph.

Miranda Kerr, Chrissy Teigen, Jessica Alba

Palettes come and palettes go, but some are more apt to stand the test of time.  One hue that we suspect won’t make it’s way onto the multi-seasonal show-stopping list is this summer’s big-winner: mint green.  Reminiscent of mint chocolates and mint ice-cream, it’s not the most flattering hue on the bottom and can go geriatric-chic in .05.  Wear it now while you can.

Jessica Alba

Sunglasses are always a big winner in the warmer weather, keeping those delicate peepers safe while still making a statement — and the biggest statement to be made in 2013 is a pair with multicolored reflective lenses.  We don’t see this take on tie-dye lasting into Fall when the look goes from fun and flirty to sophisticated and urban.  So make that rainbow arrayed statement now.

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